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Couple is found dead in Almoloya de Juárez

The couple had been reported missing days ago and were found dead in their vehicle inside a lagoon located in the community of Santa Juanita.

The man along with the woman of 65 and 45 years of age, respectively, were seen for the last time last Tuesday in this municipality adjoining the Mexican capital aboard a Volkswagen Jetta.

However, the family did not have contact with them again, until this Friday, when the vehicle appeared in a pond on the side of the Toluca Ixtlahuaca freeway, according to the reports of the authorities.

The acquaintances began a search campaign after filing a formal complaint with the Mexican Attorney General’s Office for the loss of the couple, their file was shared on social networks.

Paramedics from the local Civil Protection arrived at the site to carry out the proceedings and confirm the death of the crew members, the arrival of the Public Ministry is expected together with experts for the survey.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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