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CSRL executed the family of a police commander, including a 7-month-old baby by order of del Marro’s sister after the death of one of her nephews – .

The drug war that the state persists Guanajuato recorded what has been one of the most atrocious episodes in recent history, as a armed command killed four people, including a seven month old babyinside a home in the municipality of tarimoro.

What they initially said was an arbitrary and random attack would actually have been a direct revenge of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL), according to unofficial reports.

On the night of November 24, the alleged arrest of a man identified as Jose R.alias Sharkwho would be the head of the hitmen of the cartel led by José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, the marro. According to the first reports, this subject would be involved in more than 30 murders and kidnappings that occurred between 2017 and 2022 and was designated as the alleged responsible for the Tarimoro massacre on November 22.

Hermana del Marro who appeared in a video crying asking that they not mess with their women because they did nothing

Information not yet confirmed by the ministerial authorities of Guanajuato pointed out that, according to the statements of Jose R.bliss The massacre would have been directly ordered by Karen or Karem Yépez Ortizthe Marro’s sister.

Why would the massacre have been ordered?

The four people murdered in Tarimoro were the family of the commander of the Municipal Police, who was on duty at the time. The victims were his dadits brother, his sister-in-law and seven-month-old niece.

As confirmed Moses Maldonado LopezMayor of tarimorothe address where the unfortunate attack occurred was not that of the agent, but that of her family.

“In these issues it will have to be the personal motivation of the commander […] When she requests some type of protection, she would request it at another level, which would initially be the state or federal level. We, as a municipality, are a preventive security force,” the mayor commented on the possibility of providing a security escort to the official.

Unofficial sources reported that the order to execute the family in Tarimoro came directly from del Marro’s sister in revenge for the murder of one of the nephews of the huachicolero leader. According to this version, the hitman would have been executed by municipal police officers.

Although no information has circulated that allows further investigation into the identity of the Marro’s nephew allegedly murdered by Municipal Police officersthere are interpretations that link this massacre with the armed combat that sustained the Celaya police with CSRL men last November 20.

That day, a a group of hitmen who were traveling in two trucks fired at the facilities of the Celaya Municipal Police in San Juan de la Vegaso the corporation responded to the attack and killed several of them.

After a persecution operation in search of those responsible, the uniformed men murdered several more attackers. The total balance of those clashes was eight assassins killed.

Following up on these events, on the morning of November 23 – three days after the confrontation in San Juan de la Vega and one after the massacre in Tarimoro – the video of alleged CSRL members shooting into the air while they received the body of one of their colleagues killed by the policethis in the manner of “tribute”.

We receive you as you wanted” was the legend with which these men accompanied the recording by sharing it on digital platforms.

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