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“De a Pechito”, just like that, 16 gunmen were arrested and four wounded after a confrontation in Jerez; Zacatecas – .

The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the Number of Sicarios arrested in Jerez, Zacatecas, after confrontation in the community of El Durazo it rose to 16.

Four of them were injured during the scuffle.

It was this Friday, November 4, when soldiers arrived in the rural area in armed and armored vehicles to perform the arrest of a criminal cell that operated from that point, located in the south of the state.

“The Mexican Army personnel proceeded to establish peripheral security and that of the National Guard to request a technical investigation order, at which time they were attacked with gunshots.

“As a result of said aggression, the aforementioned personnel adopted a security device, which allowed the National Guard carry out the arrest of 16 assassinsof which 4 of them were injured“, reported the agency.


Behind the operativewhich detonated a series of shootings that lasted at least half an hour, the following was ensured:

  • 17 long guns
  • 1,052 cartridges
  • 54 chargers
  • 12 tactical vests
  • 1 property

The confrontation was partially captured video by residents, in which the deployment of the armed forces and detonations were heard from large caliber weapons.

At night they did pass by here, but two boys with blankets passed by, and they said they were staying in the church, that’s why they went to close the bathrooms“said a resident who recorded the shooting.

But they got caught“, answered a woman who does not appear in the picture.

YesdoTRUE?” the man concluded.

To avoid risks, classes were suspended that day in schools, which are located a few steps from where the operation took place.

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