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Depotting Urban Decay Naked Palettes without a hair straightener?

Hey everyone!

I have the Urban Decay Ultraviolet and want the new one with the blue tones. My plan is to get the blues outta the new one and swap them with the warm oranges from the Ultraviolet, creating one entirely cool toned blue/silver/purple Ultraviolet I’ll actually use and a warm nudeish orangey one off the two nude halves of the palettes.

That means, I need to depot them without damaging the packaging so I can rearrange them.

I saw multiple videos. One broke out the inner packaging, but most went the same route of applying direct heat with a hair straightener to melt the glue down, then easily take out the pans. The palettes are plastic, it seems like they took the heat well enough, but no idea what “hottest setting of a straightener” translates to in degrees celsius.

Now here’s the thing. I don’t have a hair straightener. I don’t have a friend I could think of that has one even.

I have a hairdryer. An electric stovetop or a convection oven (microwave or mini baking oven). Or something that does not use heat.

Will either of these somehow work? My first idea was to use a fine brush to get alcohol into the gap between shadow and case to unstick it, but that doesn’t work because the gap is too small.

So, I would appreciate any help – this seems a little difficult 😅 Thank you!

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