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Dissolve specific area of lips

I got my lips filled a few days ago and the injector definitely put way to much in my top lip close to the vermillion border. When I smile now it creates a strange crease and shadow (which I naturally had before) but it looks SO fake with the filler.

I asked for the smallest amount to even out my lips as I had some unevenness from having filler 3 years ago. I suggested .3 to emphasise that I really do just want the smaller enhancement and that I didn’t want big she did .5 but put majority of it in my top lip when my top lip was already decent sized.

She’s nice and has been super understanding and booked me in for two weeks to see if I like it or not. But has anyone had experience on being specific with dissolver? I’m pretty adamant that I don’t like it. It’s changed my face for the worse, especially my smile which was my best feature, so I’m feeling pretty down and insecure. And I have also heard the worst things about dissolver, so now I’m conflicted, but I really don’t think I can handle looking like this for a few years.

I want to add pictures but I’m not sure how too.

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