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DIY eyelashes tinting issue

I started tinting my eyelashes and brows about six months ago and would do it about every three weeks. Now I’m having issues with redness and swelling.

The previous time I did it, I was doing it just before bedtime and woke up with inflammation in both of my eyes. (Red and a bit swollen, with a bit of a headache. Doctor just prescribed antibiotic cream with antibacterial properties over the phone, once I started applying as well as washing with sodium chloride the eyes got better.)

Yesterday I tinted again, this time in the morning, and it was all right by night time. Then I woke up at night and saw the eyes were getting inflammated again. Washed with sodium chloride. In the morning they weren’t swollen, but still quite a bit red.

Any ideas what the problem might be or how to fix it? Considering it was fine for six months and now this is happening… I’m using the same tints and everything, haven’t been doing anything differently.

I want to continue tinting because I don’t wear makeup and this was my solution to “still having a presentable face” (I’m light-haired).

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Maybe you developed an allergy, that definitely doesn’t normally happen. Or your products were contaminated and got bacteria in them, which it sounds like since the antibiotic cream and salt water helped

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