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Do some people suit eyeliner over colored eyeshadow?

Hi! So, I’ve been super into makeup for around 3 years now. I put on eyeshadow daily and try to find out what suits me. I’m a Cool Winter coloring – so I’m extremely pale with brown-black hair and gray-blue eyes. I’ve ALWAYS avoided eyeliner. I’ve hated applying it, I have deep-set, downturned eyes so a winged eyeliner is out the question. But last Saturday, for my brother’s 21st, I did a super rushed smokey eyeliner look with eyeshadow.

I LOVE it on me. I usually avoid using black eyeshadow because it’ll be too harsh, but I super loved it!

Ignore the selfy camera flattening out my face and the state of my hair lmao. But I love the look, even if I have to join it with my upper eyelid better.

So, my question is, why do I suit this look better than colored eyeshadow?

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I have no idea why but I look like a ridiculous clown in any and all eyeshadow and I look fantastic in eyeliner. It’s a thing. I’m sorry I can’t explain it.

  2. As a follow up to doing eyeliner, I showed a picture to my best friend of thirteen years who went “I love eyeshadow but I’m sad to say that eyeshadow has never done as much for you as that winged liner. I’ve never noticed how big your eyes were!”

    I feel this has proven my theory correct lmao

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