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Do you still believe in the alleged “leaked” reports?, Carlos Zamarripa, prosecutor of Guanajuato, reliable and without ties to Narco – .

The same Federal Authorities prepare their investigation folder, media, posters and elements of their own corporation speak of the conspiracy he had with El Marro, the one he now has with the CJNG and even the violence unleashed in Guanajuato speaks of his management, however and curiously, on dates when there begins to be more noise about the existing corruption in Guanajuato and its prosecutor’s office, now the alleged leaked reports without seals, letterheads and other security issues, which are increasingly less reliable due to flaws and errors in their information. They say the following very aptly.

SEDENA documentshacked“, qualify as “trustworthy Y no negative history“, to the Prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa.

Among the leaks, he highlighted the alleged confidential documents where the profile of the Guanajuato ProsecutorCarlos Zamarripa, because according to them the prosecutor has no ties to any criminal organization or group.


In documents leaked to various news agencies and journalists, within the documents hacked to SEDENAdata sheets are observed, among them personal, of political ties and trajectory of Prosecutor Zamarripa, where he is described as “reliable” and no link with “organizations” is attributed to him.

In the same document, his political and professional career is reviewed, as well as his academic training, in another data table, the prosecutor is not relate or link with some instance of organized crime, or with illicit activities (go to see the properties he owns and check the bank accounts of relatives).


“To date, there is no information that relates him to instances of organized crime or any illicit activity,” the document reads.

Inside the profile ‘hacked’ to the SEDENAhighlights the “close” personal relationships that the Prosecutor maintains with personalities such as Federico Chowell, a former magistrate, as well as with former Governor Juan Manuel Oliva.


Likewise, in another of these SEDENA documents, Prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa is described as a “reliable official with no negative record,” despite what President López Obrador himself has insinuated and pointed out on multiple occasions.

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