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Doctor falls from vehicle bridge and dies in Tlalmanalco

The events occurred on Thursday morning. in the lanes towards Mexico City, when the victim was allegedly driving at excessive speed.

Apparently, the victim lost control of his Honda Civic vehicle with V45-AFM license plates and despite trying to maneuver, he fell into the void and died after the impact.

The woman was traveling alone and it was other motorists who notified the emergency services and stopped to help the victim..

They identify her as a Doctor in the anesthesiology area

Authorities reported that the victim was wearing a white uniform embroidered with the name “Dr. Claudia Casales O. of the anesthesiology area.

According to the first inquiries, The Doctor was going to the hospital of the Social Security Institute of the State of Mexico and Municipalities (ISSEMy) in Valle de Chalco, where she worked.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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