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Double shampooing has done amazing things for my hair

This is likely very controversial, but idc because it has worked so damn well for me. I’ve had dandruff at varying severities since I was a child, and struggle with many skin conditions, especially dermatitis. I used to constantly struggle with oily roots and frizzy ends, and after some research I came across double shampoing. I tried it for a week at first, expecting it to cause more flaking and dryness, but to my surprise my hair hasn’t looked healthier so I kept doing it. I use dandruff shampoo both times I wash my hair, and I feel like I’m finally seeing results after years of constantly trying new brands and switching products.

I honestly don’t even use more shampoo than I used to, I just split my usual amount in half and lather once to remove dirt and oil, and after rinsing lather again to target my dandruff. I’ve been doing this for about 4 months now and I don’t get as much buildup anymore, which means no more constant itching!!

I also feel more comfortable using a larger amount of conditioner, because I know *all* the excess oil from my scalp is gone. My scalp and my ends are healthy even though I wash twice. Even better, I’m not losing as much hair anymore and my hair is growing in much quicker because I massage my scalp during the first wash.

And even though I wash twice in one shower, To offset the extra wash I only wash my hair every few days now, so that means less product wasted. This is definitely not a technique for everyone, but it has greatly improved the health of my scalp and therefore the health of my hair.

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  1. I cowash with silicone-free conditioner for 90% of my wash days, but once a month I’ll do a clarifying wash with suave daily clarifying shampoo. This stuff is no joke. You could probably use it as an industrial cleaner on an oil rig. I always do a double with it, focusing first on my scalp and then a second time all over. I figured something was different when I noticed it lathered significantly more on the second pass vs staying low foam on the first. Let me tell you, my hair is *squeaky* clean after the second pass. And when I condition it and give it a deep moisture mask after, it’s like it all gets soaked up. Hardly any rinses away after and my hair is so soft and luxy after it’s like it’s not even mine. I can usually maintain that feel with cowashing for two or three weeks after but once it starts to feel a little limp or uncooperative I know it’s time to clarify.

  2. I used to think leather, rinse, repeat was just a scam to sell more shampoo but I tried it when my obnoxiously fine hair was looking particularly flat and it was wonderful. Been double shampooing ever since.

  3. I think the “no poo movement” and people’s obsession with dry shampoo, and the belief that skipping as many washes as possible is healthiest (it’s not) ruined a lot of people.

  4. I found it so weird when I found out that some people only shampoo once. Double shampooing is the standard for me and everyone else I know, because during the first wash I don’t even get the lather.

  5. Wait, are you not supposed to double shampoo??? I never heard that before lol. I always shampoo once (not much leather happens then), rinse, shampoo again thoroughly (normal amount leather), rinse, condition, done. I’d never feel like my scalp was clean if I only did it once.

  6. I always double shampoo too! Great that it’s working for you

    If double shampooing is too drying for someone’s hair you can use a cleansing shampoo during the first wash and a gentle hydrating shampoo on your second wash. I also love to put conditioner on the length of my hair before I put shampoo on my scalp, this way it “protects” your hair from getting too dry because of the shampoo

  7. Yeah if you have oily scalp issues, less shampoo doesn’t really work. And with treatment shampoos, the first wash just removes the buildup and doesn’t have time to treat the scalp skin

  8. i just use a shampoo brush and take little breaks if my arms get tired while i scrub my scalp with it. after that’s clean i put a little dollop of shampoo in the palm of my hands and work it through the rest of my hair so i can be sure it’s all fully clean.

  9. I double shampoo too!! I like to shampoo once while exfoliating with a handheld massager, then condition, and then shampoo again to get all the excess conditioner from my roots and the loosened dandruff from shampoo #1.

    I’ve definitely noticed a huge improvement in my strand health, my oil production, my hair loss, and my dandruff!

    eta: I have seborrheic dermatitis which is due in large part to overproduction of oil on the scalp

  10. I need to shampoo 3 times because of how thick my hair is. I tried shampoo for thick hair but it just made my hair feel more oily, what works for your hair is the only thing that matters

    I also have to shampoo and lather the base of my hair because of how oily it is despite people saying not to, my hair feels better doing that than it did when I’d actively listen to whatever advice people had

    If your hair looks or feels awful I understand needing to listen to these advice, however if your hair is healthy and people judge you and tell you you’re wrong for what you’re doing despite your hair being find I think is just unnecessary.

    All hair one way or another is different, if you found what works then be happy! And maybe someone who fell for all these “you can only wash your hair like this” and still have unhealthy hair can learn from this experience

  11. uh? til that double shampooing is something that is worthy of discussion. I have always done it. I have a lot of hair, very thick too. I need 2-3 round to even reach all parts of my scalp. I use 2 different shampoos too

  12. double shampooing has saved my dandruff! i use nizcol, which i think has been the most successful for me. and only condition my roots! i have bleached hair so i also use a hydrating mask once a week when i remember. i used to have incredibly oily hair with dandruff if i didn’t wash everyday.

    double shampooing has changed my LIFE

  13. I already tried that few times and with different shampoos but didn’t work with me – I feel my scalp gets too dry and a bit itchy.

    Tho my boyfriend does that and it works wonders to him, but he has shampoos that clean so well that he uses only the once shampooing thing.

  14. Good! Scalp comfort/discomfort is a very important thing, often overlooked, and I am super happy for you that you find a method to improve your scalp health 🙂 I remember suffering all my childhood and teens years because my mom was one of these people who believed that ‘too much washing is harmful’, lmao.

  15. I shampoo my hair way more often now than before and I have 3b/c curls. I no longer experience dandruff either. Shampooing/water is where your hair receives moisture. Oils and lotions SEAL it in. I’m pro-double cleansing hair

  16. It’s really important to find what works for your hair. I know I can’t double bc my hair gets dry but whenever I use oil, I do double shampoo.

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