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Driver overturns in toll booth in Ecatepec

On Tuesday morning, the driver of a car that was allegedly being driven at excessive speed overturned when arriving at the Ojo de Agua toll booth.

According to the first reports, the accident occurred minutes before noon at the facilities of Plaza de Cobro number 21 located at kilometer 21 + 800 of the Mexico-Pachuca highway, on the border of the municipalities of Ecatepec and Tecámac.

Witnesses to what happened reported that the white car was driving on the highway in the direction of Pachuca; However, upon reaching the collection point, the driver lost control of the unit and after hitting the retaining wall of the collection island, it overturned.

Until now it is unknown if the mishap was caused by a mechanical failure, speeding or lack of skill of the driver, so it will be the corresponding authorities who determine what happened.

As a result of this, one of the collection modules was closed and guarded by elements of the National Guard (GN) highway division.

After a few minutes, the car was removed from the scene and transferred to a corralón while the driver was taken to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) to make his statement before the agent of the Public Ministry and define his identity. legal status.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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