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Dyson Airwrap was 100% worth the money

So I was extremely hesitant to hop on the Dyson train like how could a hair dryer be worth over $500???

I finally caved because I am doing well with my new job and figured since I went back to my natural hair color (RIP blonde) over the pandemic and have saved so much money at the salon why not?!

Y’all this tool is absolutely amazing. Yes there’s a bit of a learning curve, but watch a couple tutorials and you’re golden! The key for me is ensuring my hair is 80% air dryer before going in. For me I wanted the Dyson for that effortless blow out look-not necessarily curls. I can never get the blowout with a regular round brush/dryer, but the Dyson DELIVERED!

My hair is finally healthy and LONG so I feel good investing in my hair.

Any user tips to get better? What are y’alls thoughts/experiences?

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  1. I’d love to know how the air wrap works on really curly hair without mostly straightening first, I cant seem to find a YT tutorial that actually shows. I’m so tempted by it!

  2. Yes! I’ve been super skeptical of it, but my husband bought it for my birthday a few weeks ago (I’m pregnant so he went a little crazy). I have bra strap length 2b hair and curtain bangs and I can get those bangs to lie perfectly with this. I’m also able to get curls to last 4ish days and then it looks like a blowout afterwards.

  3. The thing is like £500 here too, I’d love one but spending that amount of money on one is absolutely outrageous. You could go on an all inclusive holiday to Europe with that here. I just can’t justify it

  4. I have the Revlon one step dryer brush. I love it! Like the Dyson, your hair does need to be close to 80% dry for optimal use. But unlike the Dyson, it was only ~$50. I have 2b hair. Highly recommend!

  5. Curly hair routine:

    80% wet hair,
    Heat protectant spray
    divide into 1-3 inch sections depending on what you like best.
    Use LOW HEAT
    Use Velcro rollers to set the curl in place. They’re cheap and self adhesive
    After your head is full of the rollers, unroll them
    Put finishing oil all over and comb it out with fingers
    Or use a straighter to perfect it, add oil at the very end.

  6. I think I am going to invest in one. Have been trolling awhile. I have one by either revlon or con air-same concert of large vented round brush to finish drying hair for blow out look. Have you used an off brand? How does it compare if so:)?

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