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El Patron, an extortionist from Celaya, son of councilor Cristina Villalobos, was released, made a deal with the Municipal President – .

In the end, the influences of her mother and the municipal president were stronger, let us remember that even the husband of the councilor is accused of being the same leader of the extortionist gang, when they arrested the son of this councilor she immediately went to see to the Municipal President, apparently in that meeting they agreed together with the state government to only leave him in jail for a few weeks so that he would be released later when the issue was not so hot, it is worth mentioning that both this mayor and the councilor, as the governor, like the prosecutor, are PAN members.

Celaya, Guanajuato.- The son of the councilor with license from Celaya, Cristina Villalobos Hermosillo released from prison after a judge imposed precautionary measures non-custodial and prohibited from leaving the country.

Last Monday, the hearing was held since this October 15 the deadline for closing the investigation expired, confirmed the Social Communication area of ​​the Judicial Power of the State of Guanajuato.

The judge filed a series of non-custodial precautionary measures consisting of a ban on leaving the country and the city of Celayasubmit to the care and supervision of their parent.

In addition to not communicating or disturbing the victim and the criminal investigation elements and the prohibition to approach the victim’s home.

At the request of the private defender, it was agreed to send this case to the State Alternative Justice Center in this headquarters, this to make use of alternative means of conflict resolution”, reported the Judiciary.

This was the moment of the arrest of the extortionist, once it was known of the arrest his mother, the councilor went to meet with the municipal president, moments after that meeting the same government in a statement announced that the detainees were not criminals and that only It had been a mistake, the problem was that the National Guard participated in his arrest and the Municipal and State Government had no choice but to admit without saying that they had made a mistake in their statement that if the extortionists who work for El Marro were criminals, Now there is talk of the deal that the councilor agreed with the State and Municipal Government at that time, the extortionist would only be detained for a few weeks while the matter cooled down, the councilor was only going to request a license, however, from the government offices they have admitted that women are still paid normally.

On August 18, the State Attorney General’s Office captured three extortionists on the Celaya Constituent Avenueamong them a minor who turned out to be the son of Cristina Villaloboswho that moment She was a councilor of the City Council of Celaya (They are still paying him, you will say if he is not still in the position) although he ended up asking for leave at his expense last August 30.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the adolescent extorted merchants from the Central de Abastos through threats.

the teenager, He extorted various merchants from the Central de Abastos and threatened them in order to be able to fulfill his mission”, pointed out the State Attorney General’s Office in an official statement.

On August 24, the young man nicknamed “The boss” was linked to criminal proceedings for the crimes of extortion and criminal association and was admitted to the Rehabilitation Center for Minor Offenders of Guanajuato.

Subsequently, on August 31, the adolescent’s public defender filed an appeal against the order linking him to the process and imposing precautionary measures that were issued by the Control Judge at the initial hearing, for which the appeal was revoked in the second instance. precautionary measure of preventive internment.

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