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“El Profe” the high school teacher who traffics weapons in Chiapas – .

With a stern face and dressed in a white shirt, JCPA appears on Facebook alongside the high school graduates whom he taught, in his role as teacherbecause his other job is arms trafficking in the southeast of the country.

Identified as The teacher, military intelligence follows in his footsteps. He knows where he lives, who his family is, what school he works at, his networks and that in 2011 he enlisted in the community division of the Armed Forcesbut he was discharged for his constant absences from training.

The high school teacher is wired, the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) has its communications tapped, as it is considered a high priority target for the country’s National Security because it is the responsible for bringing weapons through the Chiapas border with Guatemala.

El Profe could be the supplier of high-caliber weapons that have been used in conflicts between indigenous communities in the Chiapas jungle.

It’s also the supplier of rifles to the Los Pelones criminal groupwhich controls the trafficking of undocumented immigrants and drugs in that region of the country, with connections to other organizations of the drug trafficking.

Through technical monitoring, Army intelligence services determined his modus operandi: the high school teacher’s job is the date that covers up his illicit activities that, in addition to the arms traffickinginclude the management of resources of illicit origin and assistance to the Los Pelones group as an intermediary for the cooptation of authorities.

Through the wiretaps, the National Defense identified that it is a family business, since his wife is in charge of receiving and packaging the weapons and cartridges for distribution.

While the supplier of El Profe is a Guatemalan, identified as Robert, possibly with links to spin-offs from the Mara Salvatrucha.

High-powered rifles are delivered via ant traffic in Venustiano Carranza, Chiapaswhose weapons are brought on foot by a man, indicated by the Army as José.

The high school teacher collects weapons in public places: parks and shopping centers are his favorite places to exchange.

A high-powered rifle would have a value of 80 thousand pesos, without it being known if it has already been used by other organized crime groups.

In one of the last communications intercepted by military intelligence, El Profe completed a sale of 1,200 special 38-caliber weapon cartridges, as well as two 9-millimeter caliber pistols, for the exclusive use of the Army.

Due to the information that could contribute to the fight against crime and the generation of violence in the south of the country, those in charge of monitoring the JCPA recommended, last August, to the military high command, that monitoring be increased to close the fence and identify the address where he kept the weapons and cartridges, which, it is presumed, was a family one.

The objective of the intelligence services of the National Defense was to have precise information on an arms exchange, for “his arrest in flagrante delicto, as well as his supplier.”

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