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“El Ruga” falls, said he was the head of CJNG hitmen in Veracruz, shot the elements and threatened them – .

He attacked the police elements during his arrest

Veracruz. – Charles Albert “N”, aliases “The Ruga or Rugalhead of a criminal cell of the CJNG and responsible for executed homicides in the southern region of Veracruz, He was arrested by elements of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of the State

His arrest was achieved after state troopers spotted a Ford Ranger pickup with overlapping license plateswhile driving through the post office street of the Martin Lancero neighborhood in Cosoleacaquefor which they proceeded to signal the driver to stop, ignoring them and speeding up with the intention of escaping, initiating a persecution.

Meters ahead, the driver stopped the truck and got out shooting at the police unit and threatening the elements with deathwhich reacted and warned the aggressor so that lower the gun and surrenderwhich he did when he found himself outnumbered and outnumbered by the security forces.

The detainee was assured a nine millimeter caliber pistola charger with five useful cartridges, 69 doses similar to the crystal drug, as well as the unit in which it was traveling, due to irregularities.

It should be noted that “The Rugal” at the time of his arrest, He said he was a member of a criminal cell of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). He is even noted as responsible of the executions recently committed in Minatitlanamong them where a minor was seriously injured.

Its area of ​​operation covers the municipalities of Chinameca, Cosoleacaque, Coatzacoalcos, Acayucan and Jaltipanalong with criminals who protect themselves under the acronym of the aforementioned criminal organization.

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