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Electrolysis timing and what to expect

So I’ve been getting laser to remove the hair on my back – I’ve done 5 sessions of the 10 I’ve paid for.

Key issue is there a number of grey hairs, so electrolysis seems fairly inevitable as I want it all gone. Question is 1) when can I do it (I.e. do I have to wait a week or two after laser, do I have to do all the treatments, etc) and 2) how much more painful is it than laser?

Honestly it’s fairly rare that I’ve found laser to be painful – more discomfort like an ant biting me than ‘WTF was that?!’ But genuinely interested to know thoughts on pain and timing.

I fully intend to do all 10 treatments, just pondering pros and cons and the ins and outs.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Go to a place that uses insulated needles for electrolysis then except for areas near bone like elbows, chin, knees will smart a bit. Personally, I found laser painful and used the numbing cream. I don’t use any numbing cream for electrolysis. YMMV. It also worked for me whereas laser didn’t even though it should have.
    You need to have hair that they can zap and remove with tweezers. I never did laser and electrolysis at the same time so can’t comment on that—- you should either email or call an electrolysis place to ask that question about laser and electrolysis waiting period. Electrolysis takes time and how quickly your hair is gone depends on each individual in terms of hormones, hair growth and amount of hair.

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