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(f18) mom found out I have a girlfriend and I got kicked out of the house, thank god.

Im a now former closeted lesbian from a very rural and very conservative area. I’ve had the same girlfriend for 3 years and my mom just found out we’re not just really really good friends. I knew this day was coming but it does suck.

My parents have always been extremely homophobic. So when I was younger and discovered I like girls It was quite intense. I went through the laundry list of issues, from depression, I got really into using drugs, I attempted suicide. This sounds cliche but until I met my girlfriend I definitely imagined dying relatively young, and was looking forward to it. She’s my whole entire world, it doesn’t sound healthy but were like 2 of the 9 people we know who are LGBT so it makes sense. Anyways, my mom and dad kicked me out, told me not too come back. I am now with my girlfriend, whose parents are actually two of the only accepting people I know and im weirdly happy.

For so long I dreaded my parents finding out but now I just feel happy. Im happy to be away from them, they made my life a living hell, they raised me to hate myself, and even if this was unintentional I find it unforgivable. I have no intention to ever see them again, they wont help me in any way, and I can assure you are currently looking for ways to have me institutionalized. Im finally free.

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  1. As a father of a girl your age, who is also lesbian, it breaks my heart that your parents can be so cruel (and so oblivious to love). Recently my daughter opened her heart to a friend of hers but got rejected (gently, I must add). I only hope she finds true love, a great, kind, funny and loving partner, and I also aim to be the best FIL I can be.

    I’m glad you are in love and that your love is a two-way thing. And also that you found a loving home.

    One last thing: do you need any advice or are you just venting and sharing?

    Last but not least: my best wishes for you. May your paths be full of love, laughs, interesting stuff, and whatever else makes you happy.

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