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Fatal accident in Chiapas leaves 3 dead

Three people died, two of them migrants, and six injured (also foreigners), was the result after a passenger bus on the public transport route “Costeños de Chiapas” crashed this Wednesday on the platform of a truck type trailer .

At the scene of the events, recorded on the Suchiate-Frontera Hidalgo road section, at the El Cuatete inn, it was observed how several bloodied men and women were scattered on the asphalt strip, while the co-pilot of the “unit ” remained pressed and without part of the right arm. Even elements of Civil Protection attend to some of the wounded.

According to the versions of some witnesses, the bus driver was driving at excessive speed and without caution, so he could not avoid crashing into the platform of the truck, whose driver was maneuvering on that land route. In addition, it transpired that the person responsible for the accident escaped.

Through networks, it was reported that 3 Venezuelan migrants died in the accident and another 6 Venezuelan migrants were injured.

According to the Civil Protection of the state of Chiapas, the injured migrants were taken to public hospitals in Tapachula, where they would receive care because, apparently, they had serious injuries.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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