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Fatal Accident in Mexico-Veracruz

Two dead people, at least another 8 injuries of different priority, gender and age, material damage to be quantified and considerable impact on the mobility of the Mexico-Veracruz federal highway in the Huamantla-Cuapiaxtla section; the preliminary balance that this Wednesday morning leaves the crash of a trailer to a passenger truck, a fatal accident that reactively mobilizes emergency teams and the police.

Around 07:00 hours at kilometer 152 heading east and as a reference to the Rancho “Los Álamos” which is at the junction to the municipality of Atltzayanca, the Volkswagen 9,160 OD minibus marked with the image of Autobuses Rojos de Atltzayanca- Concepción Hidalgo-Xicoténcatl-Huamantla and economic number 104 after being collided (in transit) by a pipe, it fell to the base of a bridge on the harvest road; where with its occupants it was perpendicular to the asphalt strip with severe damage and to one side a person who was ejected.

As soon as possible, after receiving a report via the single channel of Emergencies 911 Civil Protection (PC) personnel from Huamantla, Atltzayanca and Cuapiaxtla, as well as paramedics from the Red Cross, BRIASA and the private PREM in coordination with the municipal police and the Secretary of Security Citizen (SSC) arrived at the scene and through a care triage with preventive flagging; They assessed and transferred a dozen of the occupants of the motor unit to a public hospital, but they also determined that Juan -N-, 49, was abroad with no signs of life.

While the probable responsible transport unit was “abandoned” and secured, the area was cordoned off until the arrival of personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) of which, while a second death (of a woman) was known, his staff became aware, with photographs fixed the scene and processed the information; to give way to the withdrawal of the body and the damaged unit, which together with the other involved were transferred for disposal.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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