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Firulais even participated to catch and remove this thief from a house in Tecamachalco to lynch him – .

A Tecamachalco puppy attracted attention on social networks after it was broadcast a video in which he participates together with residents in an attempted lynching.

The events would have occurred in the San Antonio neighborhoodafter a group of subjects entered a private home to steal.

In the broadcast video, the residents are observed in the patio of a house pointing out that one of the alleged criminals had escaped.

While through the door you see the police dragging a man with traces of beatings, followed by a puppy that bites his calf.

On the way to the patrol some dissatisfied yell at the dog to bite him and others call him to get away from the detainee

Climbing into the vehicle’s trough, another woman calls for the withdrawal of the alleged criminal to be accelerated in the face of calls from dissidents to kill him.

The reaction of the animal generated comments on social networks such as that the neighborhood dogs support you, that they were grateful that he had not come out with the phrase of hugs not bullets and even called to buy him good food as a reward.

Insecurity in Tecamachalco has been a constant recently and just last week there was a murder in a food establishment.

Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta himself has pointed out the need to clean up the police forces in that municipality.

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