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For arguing on the street in Ciudad Juárez, they secure arms and merchandise for more than 1 million dollars to father and son – .

Juarez City, Chihuahua.- Agents of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Ciudad Juárez Abdón QD and Abdón QR were arrestedfor his alleged responsibility in the commission of the crimes of violation of the federal law on firearms and explosives and against health.

Municipal elements that carried out prevention and surveillance tasks at the crossing of the Hacienda San Miguel and Valle del Sol streetson the Reserva del Valle colonythey noticed two males struggling and arguing to the side of a vehicle of the brand Hyundai Sonata in gray color2015 model.

When approaching to verify what was happening, said subjects They tried to flee in the car.being insured by the officers, locating them after an inspection a 9 mm machine gun with silencer and an empty magazine.

as well as a shotgun with legend 410a case with nine useful cartridges with the legend 410 and three packages made of transparent plastic containing a white substance with characteristics similar to pure fentanyl powderweighing approximately one kilogram each.

Later who was identified as Abdon QR 43 years old, was found wrapped around the waist by a 45 caliber firearm, with a magazine stocked with ten useful cartridges; while his 19-year-old son named Abdón QD was assured a 9 mm caliber pistolwith a charger supplied with ten useful cartridges, which he had hidden at his waist, proceeding to his arrest.

It should be noted that said substance has an approximate value at 5 million pesoswith which more than 60,000 pills would be producedwhich they intended to market in the USAearning profit from more than one million 200 thousand dollars.

After reading their rights, they were consigned before the corresponding authority to determine their presumed responsibility in the commission of the aforementioned crimes.

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