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Fredy’s uncles are arrested, suspected of the minor’s murder

Last Thursday, November 24, Fredy’s aunt and uncle were arrested, a minor who was allegedly murdered by the defendants in question, as announced by the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office (FGJ).

“The probable participation of Flor “N” and Rogelio “N” in the crime of qualified homicide to the detriment of the child, of whom both are indirect relatives, was established,” said the agency spokesman, Ulises Lara López.

The defendants were transferred, respectively, to the Santa Marta Acatitla Women’s Social Reintegration Center and the Oriente Male Preventive Prison, where they will carry out a legal process to determine their responsibility in the death of the minor.

“Derived from the work carried out by this Prosecutor’s Office, the probable participation of Flor “N” and Rogelio “N” in the crime of qualified homicide was established, in which both are indirect relatives”

Little Fredy was admitted on November 22 to the Cuautepec Maternal and Child Hospital, where the medical staff indicated that he no longer had vital signs, which is why the corresponding investigation file was initiated.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office gathered sufficient test data that revealed that the child was a victim of child abuse, which was established after collecting different testimonies, the inspection of public and private video surveillance cameras, as well as expert investigations carried out, which tested positive for a Luminol test, Lara explained.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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