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From 6 to 10 years in prison for those who filter, disseminate and publish violent images and videos – .

Everyone has ever wondered why images and videos are not published like before, this is the main reason, thanks to movements As the feministfrom the case ingrid (The young woman who was dismembered by her partner after a lawsuit in Mexico City and who was exhibited), any official Whoever is accused of filtering the content can face not only dismissal, but also several years in prison, sites like ours were fed by material from Experts, Police, Soldiers, etc., now this is no longer the case, very rarely today material arrives and what arrives we still have to censor because no platform allows this type of content today, another reason is because some time ago there was a strong confrontation between Sicarios del CDN Y soldiersthe Soldiers undoubtedly won, the problem is that they spread the images and the Northeast Cartel hand in hand with Human Rights accused the military of having carried out an extrajudicial execution, alleging along with the images as proof, that the Hitmen were innocent people taking the elements to trial, which is why now images of the various confrontations are not disseminated, the image today that comes to light, this is the new Censorship.

The call Ingrid’s law advanced in the Senate; It is a big step, he stressed Olga Sanchez Corderoas it combats gender media violence, by criminalize public servants filtering or disseminating images or information of victims of aggressionparticularly women.

In the Senate Justice Committee unanimously approved; is a reform to Article 225 Bis of the Federal Penal Codefor which public servants who filter, publish either spread videos, images, audio, documents or any evidence related to corpses of girls, kids, teenagers, women or menthat work in an investigation folder or in a criminal process.

Sanchez Cordero, President of the Justice Commissionexplained that the ruling considers three initiatives by senators from different parties, “which originally proposed only protecting the images of women’s corpses; however, due to a gender issue, it was also agreed to extend the protection to men, with the difference that the penalty will be aggravated in the case of women, girls, boys and adolescents”.

The panista senator Indira San Roman explained that the “Ingrid law, part of a terrible and unfortunate event: on February 9, 2020, Ingrid Escamilla Vargas was assassinated. In addition to being a femicide, what leads us to this law were the images that were disseminated of the stabbed and mutilated body. This is where the need to give this special protection to women comes from.”

The senators explained in the commission that this regulation aims to protect victims and their families from re-victimization, for this the federal Penal Code is modified and an addendum to the opinion is proposed to establish that punishment is not only applied in cases where the victim is a woman but in any case.

Manuel Añorve, a PRI senator, during his speech in the commission stated: “Sorry, I don’t want to get into complications of gender equality, but in these issues, in these leaks that are given by the competent authority, it is, unfortunately, with who comes the red note trying to visualize it on social networksin the newspapers. The issue of a woman is as serious as that of a man, of a boy, of a girl”.

Sánchez Cordero intervened and stated: “I think that it should not only be these leaks, but that we also have that it is not only women, but also men.”

And he added, however, “I also agree that these sanctions provided for these leaks are aggravated if they are boys, girls, adolescents and women.”

It is explained in the opinion that entities such as Mexico City, Colima, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Jalisco and Oaxaca have legislation that penalizes the filtering and dissemination of images of victims of violence against women. However, it was highlighted, if this regulation is approved in the Congress of the Union, there will be a sanction for these illegal acts at the federal level.

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