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From OnlyFans to jail! Paola Buen Abad was arrested after stealing a Corvette in Jalisco, “Prison inmate controls everything,” she said – .

The exclusive content platform onlyfans has turned out to be an alternative to improve the economy and popularity of many “Models“, However, for Paola Good Abad income was not enough was arrested for stealing a luxury vehicle.

According to information from journalist Carlos Jiménez, the OnlyFans model, posed as another person to steal a Corvette valued at one million 300 thousand pesos.

The scam and robbery of the model were in the state of Jaliscoso, realizing deception, the owner filed a complaint against him before the State Attorney General’s Office.


Paola Abad had committed her crime until intelligence agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC CDMX), they managed to stop the model.

The model made a false electronic transfer to close the deal, but the money never reached the owner of the car, she also presented a official identification false under the name of Karla Garcíaa wealthy woman.

The OnlyFans model admitted her crime and revealed that an inmate of one of the Mexico City prisonsorder and coordinate“Crimes like the one he committed with the man from Jalisco.

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