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Get a silk pillowcase.

I used to sleep on a satin pillow case (satin is only a polyester blend so not great even though it SEEMS luxurious.) This has been my first week sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase and I already see changes.

First of all, my face is no longer oily when I wake up.

My face feels smoother and fresher.

My acne is under better control. I usually have pimple here and there sprouting, but not this week.

Also, my hair is more knot-free than ever. I have fine thin hair, and usually my hair gets clumpy and knotty easily and is kinda sad.
However, immediately this silk pillowcase has allowed me to run my fingers throughout my hair, not just when I wake up but throughout the day, with only maybe a little knot to get through – when I usually am a knotty mess.

My hair itself also feels healthier and smoother. My hair usually doesn’t look very nice, but is has started to flow better and I feel happier with it.

Oh, and it is also cozy.

I got a silk on one side, bamboo cotton on the other side pillowcase because it’s cheaper, and I got it second hand (although I don’t think it was used).

My beauty advice! To have 100% silk sleeping experience. 😊

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Mary Johnson
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  1. Do you find that you slide around a lot? Since it’s cotton on one side, it seems that the actual pillow would stay in place but I’m curious if your head moves more… I’ve heard that about silk so it’s put me off trying it lol

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