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GF’s sister (F25) tried to have sex with me (M23) while I was drunk.

Fake names, GF is Lisa her sister is Jane.

I have noticed noticed before that Jane is flirty but she was doing it in front of Lisa so I assumed that was just friendly flirting and teases.

However last night Lisa had a birthday party at Jane’s place. I didn’t plan on getting drunk, but I guess I was too tired, and after a couple of drinks around midnight I wasn’t feeling well at all. I literally couldn’t stand up.

Jane said I should just sleep it off in her spare bedroom, Lisa seemed hesitant but Jane insisted. So they helped me up and got me to the bed. Lisa took of my shoes and pants and I blacked out.

At some time during the night Jane came into my room, I woke up. She said that the heating doesn’t work, and asked if she can sleep with me.

Do keep in mind that I was drunk and I had the mind of a simpleton.

I said sure, come inside. Jane spooned tightly with me, and I was thinking “Jane must feel really cold”. Went to sleep again.

It wasn’t cold at all, but simpleton.

Then I woke up again, was half asleep because I felt something. Now Jane was in front of me, my leg was between her legs and she was grinding against it. I thought she must be doing this in a dream, and I very gently pulled my leg back to awoid waking her up making this a very awkward for everybody. Went to sleep again.

It happened again. Same thing, I did the same thing and went back to sleep. I really wanted to sleep.

And again. Jane was holding my leg with her hand, was grinding, my leg was wet, Jane had no panties on. And I once again thought Jane is doing it in her sleep, but this time I opened my eyes.

Jane’s face was right in front of mine and she was staring right into my eyes. Jane said “it’s OK Lisa doesn’t have to know anything”.

I said no, got up from the bed, got my clothes on. And somehow I managed to walk to my house. I took a very long shower to clean myself and went to bed again.

Me and Lisa have a very honest relationship. I don’t lock down my phone and if I find lisa using it, I don’t mind. So far I didn’t had any secrets to hide.

But this? It’s her sister, I could upset her whole family.

I feel like just forgeting this.

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Lisa called, and asked me on her own what Jane did last night.

You guys were right, Jane told her that last night I tried to have sex with her.

But Lisa immediately called her out for lying. Jane has mental issues and a history of deviant behaviours, nothing this bad though. Lisa said that she noticed that she got fixated on me, and had a bad hunch last night. She said she is very sorry for leaving me alone.

She is coming to my place, and we are going to the hospital to take samples. So we can decide what to do later on.

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  1. You have to tell her first. Jane could tell her a different story.

    But there is something wide weird about your post. Do you normally black out after a couple of drinks? If you were a young woman who said that 1) she was at a party and had to be helped to bed, 2) blacked out after a couple of drinks, 3) woke up intermittently with someone doing something sexual to them, then 4) stumbled home in a don’t-know-how-I-made-it sort of way, then I’d assume someone slipped something in yiur drink.

    Your gf’s sister drugging you so she could rape you sounds seems wild and far fetched, but I’ve seen weirder stuff on reddit…

  2. Not telling your gf about this will cause way more issues then telling her. You can’t avoid conflicts with people that force it onto you. Besides if you don’t tell your gf about this in my opinion this is a breach of trust. I think you would want to know when some other men tried to force themselves onto her. She deserves to know, it’s not just about you.

  3. The sister has seen you have not fallen for it. If she thinks you’ll come clean, she’ll beat you to it. Only in her version you will be the aggressor. Assume that it will come out sooner or later. Best to tell your girlfriend quickly.

  4. Why was Lisa hesitant about you sleeping it off in Janes spare bed? Do they live together? Or was Lisa asleep in another room in the house that night?

    Either way it definitely seems like you were drugged.

  5. Your gfs sister went so far as to sexually assault you and (imo might have even drugged you) that is despicable behavior. You think she won’t spin a story about how you came onto her in the middle of the night when she was drunk when it was just you two in the house? It’s he-said she-said at that point get ahead of this shit

  6. Tell her sister ASAP exactly what happened and spare no detail. This is not on you but sibling fuckery is toxic and explosive. There will be fallout but let it drop onto the predator that molested you.

  7. Tell your gf and tell her you refuse to be near her sister. Block the sister on everything and if you must be near her, ignore her existence. Show your gf this thread if you need to. Protect yourself from false accusations because sister is unhinged and disgusting. Do not trust her sister. Ever.

  8. I’ve had this situation before. For me it was my ex wife’s best friend. We went out hit drunk I shouldn’t have drove her best friend home but I did. Once we pulled up I told her I was going to sleep in my car in her driveway before I took myself home. She insisted I stay in her spare bedroom and I eventually agreed. While sleeping it off I woke up to her naked on top on me. I pushed her off of me and told her absolutely not. I left got in my car drive about a block away and went back to sleep because I couldn’t drive yet. I ended up telling my ex and she confronted her. They immediately stopped being friends. I felt horrible but I also did nothing wrong. Speak up about what happened. You were a victim to this it’s not your fault. If she doesn’t believe you or gets upset that is for her to sort out. The longer you hide this the worst it’ll be.

  9. Well glad your gf knows better and you two are going to talk it out. But let me give you some advice man, as someone who’s older and has gone through many stints being drunk. You can’t use that excuse moving forward. Being drunk, you can’t say you just weren’t thinking, women don’t care if you had the mind of a simpleton because you were tired and drunk. When you’re in a relationship and you are sleeping at someone else’s place, you need to remain vigilant and even if it’s overkill reaction, you make it clear that shit needs to stop from jump. Imagine if you actually did have your dick out and having sex, guarantee you the reaction from your gf wouldn’t have been what you got now and the excuse of, “I had the mind of a simpleton” doesn’t fly. Not ragging on you, but moving forward whether it’s this relationship or future ones, if you’re drunk, you go home no matter what or if you are going to crash at someone’s place, you don’t let anyone sleep in the same room as you

  10. Of course her sister tried to lie lmfao she figured you were going to tell Lisa what happened & she wanted to twist the story before you told Lisa to make herself look innocent. Time to go no contact with Jane the predator

  11. I don’t know about y’all, but when I drink I don’t suddenly feel unwell and find myself so drunk that I can’t stand up after “a couple of drinks”.

    OP, how many drinks did you have? If you actually only had a couple of drinks then *immediately* go to the nearest hospital and get a tox report.

  12. Stupid tell her NOW!!! Don’t wait for another second. Do it by text, phone, or in person whichever will be the quickest. Don’t let that snake tell her first and make it out that you tried to sleep with her and not the other way around.

    You didn’t cause this, that traitorous sister did and she deserves the full furry your SO can bring to bare on her.

  13. This happened to me once except the sister was an identical twin. I realized what was going on because she didn’t kiss the same as my girlfriend. I told my girlfriend about it and everything blew up. The twin told my girlfriend that she was testing me for her. She ended up breaking up with me a couple months later because she didn’t know who to believe and didn’t talk to her sister for a couple of years. You need to tell your girlfriend but be prepared for this going all different kinds of sideways.

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