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Girl I have a big crush on said she won’t date me because mixed babies cause genetic problems

This Asian girl in my class is one of my good friends and I really started to have a big crush on her, I feel like I’m falling in love with her. I told her I liked her and wanted to be more than friends. She not only rejected me but told me that the reason we can never work out is because I’m black and the black race makes “messed up” babies. She said that black children end up having mental illnesses or something wrong with them. She doesn’t want her kids to come out stupid or dumb because she said statistics show that black people are not smart and aren’t successful. She even pointed out that I don’t even have a real family because my dad left me before I was born and that I have half siblings. She said a single mother cannot raise kids and black moms have the highest single motherhood rates and that statistics show school shooters for the most part never had dads, or the daughters end up also being single mothers, addiction problems and all this other stuff. She said statistically black babies have high c section rates and c section babies are less valuable. She said I need to stay in my race so I don’t break more families that are actually valuable to society. She said all this is because black people choose to have a bad culture

All this hurt so much hearing and I see her in class tomorrow too. I didn’t know this is how she felt about me, she was so nice to me. I wasn’t expecting any of this. I don’t know what to do. I feel like shit about myself and less of a human. I never responded back to her message because I was embarrassed

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  1. Hey, I’m asian and it sounds to me like she is both racist, and doesn’t understand basic tenets of genetic diversity.

    I know it doesn’t feel good in the short run, but when you are older and wiser you will thank the lord that you dodged that bullet. You do not want your children infected by that level of stupid.

  2. Your response back should be along the lines of, “Thanks for letting me know. I wouldn’t have asked had I known that you held such racist and uninformed opinions.”

  3. You found out your crush was racist. I’m sorry. Ignore her, or report her if that’s possible. Don’t waste another second on her.

    Also you asked for a date not to spawn with her. What a weirdo.

  4. Please don’t subject yourself to that racist brat. Someone who thinks like that is not anyone you should ever worry about or speak to again. She should be embarrassed for spewing that ignorant bs.

  5. Wooooooow. What the fuck? Good lord. Don’t ever let someone with such skewed views of HUMAN BEINGS let her make you feel anything other than sorry for her for being such a piece of shit.

    I’m sure it feels like shit, but look at it as you dodged a huuuuuuge bullet. Good God. What an asshole.

  6. >told me that the reason we can never work out is because I’m black and the black race makes “messed up” babies.

    Wow, not only is she racist, she’s *a blithering idiot*. Like I get that you’re high school kids and haven’t finished your educations, but this is fucking stupid.

    You can do better.

  7. First of all, ignore her completely because she’s a racist little shit and second of all, report her to your head of year or headmaster/mistress for being a racist little shit.

  8. Covert racism is the worst because we let our guard down, not realizing the other person is a total piece of shit.

    But now you know. Sorry you had to find out this way, thinking she was a friend. I would completely toss her from my life if it was me.

    You have value, don’t let her or anyone else make you think otherwise. Everything she told you says more about her as a person, nothing to do with you.

  9. Number 1, do not respond to her message. Shes not worth the time or effort.

    Number 2, I I hope realize that not a word of what she said is true. I don’t have statistics in front of me right now, but from a certain statistical point of view some of what she said MAY be true, but absolutely not for the reason she thinks

    1) Black children have higher rates of mental illness because they are more likely to grow in poverty and without a stable family. This isn’t due to genetics but systematic racism.

    2) Black women DO have a much higher rate of C section, but this isn’t because of genetics, it’s because of poor pre-natal care and systematic racism in the medical system.

    Lastly, although you are dealing with it, it’s not or at least shouldn’t be your job to educate her.


    Move on, find someone who hasn’t been taught to be a racists by racists parents.


    I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  10. Genetic diversity breeds the strongest offspring

    It’s a scientific fact

    Ask her do prove you wrong

    From a mixed kid smarter than both of his above average parents

    Ask her what inbreeding does???

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  12. Holy fuck dude. That is some messed up shit. That is “block this person and never get in contact with them again” levels of messed up. Flat earthers look like geniuses compared to her. I have to wonder what she thinks of you as a person even outside of a relationship.

  13. You are not less of a human! What she said is misinformed, ignorant, racist, and flat out cruel. She isn’t worth the air she breathes. Do not listen to her or let her affect your self worth. You are worth so much more than what that dumbass shit she said. Ignore her. Do not even waste your breath on her because she’d be too stupid to understand anything you said anyways. I’m so sorry she treated you that way.

  14. wowwwww she’s a bitch, don’t acknowledge her wtf is wrong with her

    also sorry you were subjected to that psychotic behavior, thinking about her is not worth your energy honestly

  15. Don’t you dare take on the embarrassment and shame that is hers and hers alone. This girl is a horrid racist and nothing she claimed has merit nor is predictive of all the potential outcomes possible for you and your future children. It hurts to find out people we thought were friends or even potential partners have rotten souls. An unexpected loss is hard to process. But, now you know she is clouded by hatred, racism and clings to a grotesque vision of society. Don’t reply and don’t let her bigotry reflect the on your self perception. Walk tall, walk proud and never speak to her again.

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