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Girlfriend gets jealous over movie scenes and just other girls in general.

So last night we were watching a movie and a scene came on where the main characters mom was at her job dancing in a strip club. As soon as its on screen she glares at me and tells me “look away, don’t watch look at me” when i continue watching she continues to glare at me like she wants to punch me in the jaw or something, i ended up turning off the tv and saying i’m ready for bed and ended up going to bed. without getting into to many more details it ended up as a bugger fight and shes now calling me an asshole for “overreacting” to what she had done.

Is this behaviour from her normal for girls or is it a red flag? it comes off as very insecure and childish to me, like i’m here with my beautiful girlfriend, who’s the definition of my type, watching a movie and not in the slightest bit do i find this woman on tv attractive but she thinks i’m ogling over the scene? I’m not sure how to feel about this and its the first rime she got like this even though i know shes a jealous type she never gets crazy like that.

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  1. My ex was like this. Any time a girl showed up in a movie, show, etc., she’d say “do you think she’s hot? Is she better looking then me?” and keep asking every time she showed up. It got old very quickly as I could not enjoy any type of media really for fear of being constantly questioned if any female character was hot. No matter how much reassurance I gave her, it was never enough. It usually stems from either insecurity or projection, neither of which is healthy or sustainable in a relationship.

    I personally do not think that type of behavior can be changed (by their partner, at least). If you cannot or do not want to deal with it all the time going forward or she doesn’t want to try to get help because this is not a normal behavior, you should reconsider the relationship.

  2. This isn’t normal, no. You should have a conversation, but this level of insecurity is going to spill over and probably make you both miserable. She needs to deal with this before having a healthy relationship.

  3. My ex was like this with everything. And I’m not just talking about sexual scenes on TV but entire programs in general. If there was a woman she thought it would class as “pretty” she would tell me to look at her during this. My thoughts were, it is literally just a film (or series) and have no desire to watch them solely for the purpose of the female cast.

    Some women have this quality but it is not normal, it is most definitely a red flag. The reason being because it won’t just stop at TV. Eventually this will run into the real world. My experience was that it turns to not being able to put yourself in any situations where women were involved in any way. For example, friend groups, social groups, work and events.

  4. Let me share with you some wisdom of the ages – don’t stick your dick in crazy (or don’t ride a crazy dick for those that prefer that).

    Getting jealous of movie characters is so wildly out of left field, I’d immediately dump her.

    She’s bringing nothing to the relationship but drama and it will only escalate.

  5. My wife and I joke about this. If a nude scene comes on I’ll ask if I can watch and she yells at me not to.

    I can’t believe this happens for real. Yes, your gf is insecure and unhinged.

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  7. If you can talk it out with her that be great. Otherwise, run. It’s a big red flag. When my boyfriend and I watch movies and those types of scene pop up, we both admire. We joke around when we compliment one of them but overall we both understand that it’s just a movie. He used to be super jealous and insecure but I talked to him and told him he needs to work on it otherwise I’m walking away, no matter how much he means to me. I deserve someone that doesn’t make me feel like shit or overreacts.

  8. That’s showing some serious insecurity within her. And it may have nothing to do with you. People carry baggage and trauma from their whole lives into every relationship. If possible try to have a conversation with her about how you feel. She may have a genuine fear from being cheated on, or she could just be crazy pants jealous. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth figuring out.

  9. Nope not normal. Even in the most insecure days of my life, tv/movie people were never an issue. I mean youre watching a movie and its a scene. Unless you were full on drooling or making comments about how this girl was hotter or something, it doesnt make sense

  10. I had this but with a guy, it got so toxic I had to walk with my head down to the store or when we were out in public together. If anyone glanced at me he would lose his shit, I’d have to wear a big sweater to cover up, I tried to break it up at one point but he ended up overdosing on his medications and throwing me against my dresser and punching holes in my walls. I seriously thought I was going to lose my life that night. In the end I wish I left at the first red flag. Leave while it’s still possible

  11. Red flag and very toxic trait. She’s projecting her insecurities onto you and holding you responsible of her own shortcomings. This is not okay, not healthy and not mature. Please have a talk with her and tell her she seriously needs therapy.

    I was very insecure too before I started therapy (never done anything nearly as idiotic as your SO though), now my partner and I comment on the hotness of actresses on TV and that’s not awkward at all.
    It’s not a competition and she needs to understand if you’re with her, you’re with her for a reason.

  12. No that is highly insecure, she has some nerve to yell you that you made it a bigger deal when she shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. If she gets jealous about stuff like that, I’d walk away. She has bigger issues if this is surfacing over movies

  13. You guys do not realize how sad this is. Call it a redflag if you want but some women do not have enough emotional maturity or resilience to face being constantly compared to better looking women (in any media or real life). We are bombarded with information telling us we are not enough or that men will leave for better looking girls etc etc.

    I just find it sad for her and hope she can find peace.

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