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Girlfriend let guy stay at my house

So me and my gf have been together for a year now. I’m currently away for work. Last night one of my friends called her to go pick him and 2 other guys up after they were drinking. Which is fine. She texted me after she picked them up and let me know. She then called me because it was 4am and I haven’t said anything. She called and said she picked them up but my one friend and his wife were fighting and he couldn’t go home. She decided to let him stay on my couch and she stayed in the bed. She said she locked the doors to the room. I still feel uneasy. So I don’t have any reason to feel uneasy. Just the fact that a guy was staying in my house with my gf while I was away. Maybe I’m just being crazy

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  1. I feel uneasy about him. He calls your girlfriend no one else available? He brings her into his marital problems? He couldn’t stay on the couch of one of the buddies he was drinking with? Even if he’s not trying anything unsavoury it just feels disrespectful… He’s treating her like a hotel and taxi service

  2. Why do you feel uneasy?

    He’s your buddy and she’s your girlfriend. If you don’t trust either of them then you’ve got bigger issues.

    To me (44F) she’s a kick ass GF for going to pick up your drunk friends and let your buddy stay over until things simmered down at home wirh his wife.

    Honestly, what was she supposed to do when the guy is drunk and telling her he can’t go home? If you’d have been home, you’d have let him have the couch I assume. So she was just doing what you would have done.

    I’d have done the same but I wouldn’t have called my partner at 4am about it. I’d have just done what needed to be done and told him about it the next day.

  3. Op is correct to get upset

    -she volunteered his apartment without asking
    -that’s a major red flag, and I’m in an invasion of your privacy.

    There are different levels of trust, and clearly, this “buddy” isn’t on that level yet with the OP. The whole situation is weird and poorly handled. I hope it works out

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