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Goodbye to the “Boss”, Guadalupe Moreno Carrillo is the new partner of “El Mencho”, leader of the CJNG – .

The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) revealed that Ruben Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Menchohas already put aside his affective interests for the mother of his children and who became his wife for almost four decades: Rosalinda Gonzalez Valenciathe Head of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

In the first circle of the leader of the CJNG there is already a current partner of Mencho, who was identified as Guadalupe Moreno Carrillowhose name or alleged criminal activities had not come to light until now.

In the structure identified by Sedena, reports are established until last August, hence the update was after the Army arrested Rosalinda González Valencia in November of last year in Zapopan, Jalisco. Until now it is unknown if Moreno Carrillo is one more couple in Mencho’s love history or since when she took the place of the Chief.

According to the images taken by the military unit, the new girlfriend of the leader of the CJNG she is an apparently young woman or younger than Oseguera Cervantes, who is around 56 years old.

In the photograph shows that Moreno Carrillo has black hair which she styled in an apparent half-ponytail style. Also, she likes to wear highlighter makeup around her eyes. Supposedly, the photograph would be for a party, due to the arrangements detected.


The brief report from Sedena shows that the head of the CJNG needs the company of someone reliable, even though he is one of the most wanted by authorities in Mexico and the United States, where they offer up to 10 million dollars in reward for data that leads to his catch.

The persecution and the price that weighs on his head make the capo mobilize in the mountains of Jalisco, Colima Y Michoacan. Some versions obtained by Infobae México indicate that he has even visited the town where he was born in Eagle: the orange tree of Chila.

The data of the Sedena do not abound in the daily dynamics of Mencho if one takes into account that he must constantly escape from one place to another. Apparently, this situation is also not convenient to establish a long-distance relationship, unless his new girlfriend is a faithful companion.

In mid-2019, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent (DEA) revealed that the leader of the CJNG is hiding in the western center of the country. Some lyrics of corridos name him Lord of the Mountain.

Hence, he is identified as a drug boss away from cities, sheltering for a short time in cabins, ranches and any imaginable refuge. In addition, suspicions indicate that he sends letters to his lieutenants to communicate, omitting electronic devices.

With the interventions of Guadalupe Moreno Carrillo it is presumed that Mencho would take other precautions in his personal life. But there are also hints of detachment from his wife, whom he met in the mid-1980s in San Francisco Bay, California, probably near Redwood City.

At that time, Oseguera Cervantes migrated from Naranjo de Chila to the United States, when he was barely twenty years old. At that time, Rosalinda González Valencia was already a single mother and worked to support her son Juan Carlos Valencia González, the R3. Jessica Johanna, Rubén and Laisha Michelle were born from the relationship.

But the key factor of the marriage would materialize in a criminal structure when his brothers-in-law, the Valencias, decided that he would be in charge of the nascent criminal organization: the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. El Mencho was backed by the remnants of the Milenio Cartel, who became his main financial operators. In such a way that the relationship with the Boss was not only for love, but now it seems that business and sentimental life were left in separate interests.

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