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Got the Dyson Airwrap! Product Recommendations?

First of all, i wanted to tell someone i got it! I’m so super excited! But my family would just think i’m crazy for buying something so expensive only for styling and that would ruin my mood, so i had to share my hype with you guys. It’s arriving tomorrow! ♥.♥

Second, do you have recommendations for a styling mousse and hairspray that works well with the airwrap curls and doesn’t make the hair feel weird and sticky? I usually don’t use those products. I have naturally wavy hair with lots of breakage and frizz, if that’s of any concern in this matter.

Also, do I still use heat protection with the dyson?

Recommendations that are available globally (or at least in germany) would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. You may want to look into L’Oreal Pli, I discovered it while searching for products to make the Airwrap curls to stay, just like you.

    And yes, do use heat protection. For the me Airwrap was damaging, dried out my hair within weeks. They say it doesn’t get too hot, but it does, and since you use it on wet/damp hair, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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