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Grand Cayman Disrupts Tranquility on South Padre Island Beaches

The tranquility of residents and tourists who enjoyed a day at the beach this Thursday, October 6, on South Padre Island, in Texas, was interrupted when a seven-and-a-half-foot alligator appeared on the seashore.

This behavior of the animal, explains the herpetologist Jacob Reinbolt, is not usual. These reptiles prefer fresh water. However, it was probably hunting or was carried away by the freshwater current until it went to the sea, adds the expert in amphibians and reptiles, who emphasizes that they have to stay in freshwater.

Spotting alligators on Padre Island is not unusual. This animal is probably one of those that are usually found near the water treatment plant, Reinbolt emphasized.

“When we found him he was exhausted. They can spend a little time in salt water,” said the expert, who clarified that in circumstances like this there is only one chance to catch them because if they go into the sea it can be very difficult to capture them.

For the general population, says Reinbolt, the message is not to approach these reptiles as they can cause serious harm to a person. It’s best to stay a safe distance away and never underestimate their power.

Alligators in their habitat usually show no interest in humans and usually avoid people as they see us as predators and not prey. However, attacks occur when people feed them and when they are with their young.

As for the unexpected visitor, he was captured and later released in Laguna Atascosa, in Cameron County.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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