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Guanajuato burns due to war between the CJNG and CSRL; Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, 13 years as Prosecutor without giving results, all in PAN governments – .

Guanajuato burnsin a wave of unstoppable violenceproduct of a Narcowar between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and a confederation made up of the Sinaloa Cartelthe Santa Rosa de Lima Cartelthe lion union Y The Viagras.

The normalization of violence in the entity in the discourse of the authorities allows serious scenarios, such as the murder of 10 people in the bar The Pitchers‘, in Tarimororemains as one more event, contributing to the catastrophic figures in terms of security: two thousand 115 murders so far in 2022 alone.

“The increase in violence in recent weeks is due to a attempt by the enemies of the Jalisco Cartel to recover some positions that they lost. There is a confederation, an alliance made up of the ‘lion union‘, a local group, the Sinaloa Cartel, troops of theMayZambada, the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartelwhose members remain loyal to Jose Antonio Yepezaliases’the brown‘ Y ‘The Viagras‘.

Added to disastrous performance of prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa Aguirrewho He has been in the same position for thirteen years without giving results accurate, there are alerts about the alleged collusion of federal and state authorities with criminal groups.

“It has been found that certain National Guard commanders collaborate with the Jalisco Cartel. At the state level, prosecutors for a long time worked hand in hand with local cartels, they are inclined with the Jalisco Cartel.”

The alleged favoritism towards the CJNG can be read in the attacks perpetrated by the Sinaloa Cartel and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel towards figures of power and their relatives, such as the assassination of Guillermo Mendoza Suarez, son of the mayor of Celaya, Javier Mendoza Marquezexecuted on August 17 in said municipality.

“There has been an attack by the Santa Rosa and Sinaloa Cartel against local authorities (…) they perceive that the Guanajuato authorities and that commanders of the National Guard are in collusion with the CJNG.”

Arrest of ‘El Coco’, possible scapegoat

The Attorney General of Guanajuato presumed the capture of Ricardo “N” alias “The coconut me “Tito”, pointed out as the person responsible for a series of massacres recorded in Irapuato, Silao and Romita between September 13 and 17, however, these types of arrests do not respond to a solid security strategy, and could even be simple government propaganda.

“This subject (‘El Coco’) does not appear in any documentary record, he is not high-profile, he does not even appear in the criminal world. It can be a scapegoatI doubt that he was related to those massacres, since he is not even a regional chief, a plaza chief. He is about someone very low at the bottom of the criminal pyramid. This arrest is made for propaganda purposes, with the aim of showing efficiency.”

Security strategy in Guanajuato, without ‘neither feet nor head’

“The National Guard behaves as if it were fighting another Army, but the narco is not a regular army, it is a guerrilla army: it is made up of cells that go out, attack, withdraw, and disperse in an area. They have autonomous commands in different regions of the country, support and complicity of local authorities. The narco is not fought massively, it is fought cellularly”.

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