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Gunmen ambushed elements of the Prosecutor’s Office in Uruétaro; Michoacán, they killed a detainee and a ministerial – .

A agent of the ministerial police and a civilian diedto the be attacked the uniformed in streets of the population of Uruetaroafter having served an arrest warrant.

This happened this Thursday afternoon on the Paracho Valley Streetin the population of Uruetaro.

According to official data, agents of the ministerial police They went to the town and filled out an arrest warrant. against a subject accused of crimes against healthbut when they were about to return to the city of Morelia, they were ambushed by a group of Sicarios who blocked their way about the road.

When repelling the aggression, elements of the Ministerial Police, a confrontation was recorded that ended with an agent and the man who had been detained lifeless.

Dozens of elements from the different police corporations attended the place, who implemented an operation in search of the aggressors.

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