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Gunmen tried to assassinate the second in command of the Metropolitan Police in Tonalá; Jalisco, this is how the confrontation was heard – .

More of 10 assassins traveling in two vehicles, they attacked this monday night to elements of the Metropolitan Police in Col. Coyulain Tonala.

This Monday night the colony Coyulaof Tonalawas the scene of another armed attack on police elements.

again, Armed individuals fired shots at police officersThis time the goal was execute the second in command of the Metropolitan Police.

Shortly before 10 p.m., on the crossing of the Tulipán and Loma Alta streetson the Coyula neighborhood of Tonala; The police elements were surprised with shots by a group of assassins.

To tell of Commissioner Monjardín Diazthe assassins were already waiting for their victim to assassinate him. It was then that the bursts of firethen the gunmen tried to shoot down the Operational Commissioner and his escortsthe same ones that repelled the aggression.

An intense mobilization of police elements from the three levels appeared in the area to support the exchange of shots. According to authorities, the detonations they lasted from 8 to 10 minutes; however, neighbors assure that detonations were heard for just over 20 minutes.

The official balance of this event is one escort injured with a bullet in the legwas treated by Municipal Medical Services and his health status was reported as stable.

Of the aggressors, it was only mentioned that they fled, between a nearby property, and despite the fact that the authorities mounted a strong operation in the area, no one was captured.

Monjardin Díaz confirmed that the second in command already had previous threats against him.

It transpired that one of the assassins was woundedbut I don’t know which aid station he went to for his care.

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