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Hair gloss vs hair glaze vs shine products?

I’m a little confused here and I’d love to gain a better understanding of what I need to do to get my hair looking the way I want it. For context, I have 2c/3a wavy hair. It’s naturally ash blonde, but I dye it every two or three months with Ion Demi Permanent with a mix of 6w and 3w, so it’s around a level 5 dark warm brown. I’d love for my hair to be super shiny, with ideally minimal damage.

From what I understand, a hair glaze is very temporary and can last maybe a week or so, while a hair gloss is more permanent, lasting a few weeks. The best hair gloss I’ve seen recommended seems to be the Redken Shades EQ gloss, but it seems like you can mostly only get it at a salon.

My main questions are:

– Is a hair gloss worth it in your experience, or is a glaze better?
– Would it be better to get a clear hair gloss, or a color that closely matches the color I dye it normally?
– How often should I apply a hair gloss if I already dye my hair every few months?
– Are products intended to boost shine, like Kenra Silkening Gloss serum or Color Wow Dream Coat, actually worth it?

I’d really love to hear about any experiences y’all have had with these products – either hair glazes, hair gloss, or shine-inducing products – and if y’all have any specific product recommendations.

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  1. A hair gloss penetrates the hair cuticle while a glaze is more of a top coat. In my experience, a glaze doesn’t do too much, but it can make it softer/shinier/luminous to a degree. I’ve used the John Frieda glaze- the clear seems to have the best reviews. As you said, a gloss can also be clear, and will be a bit more intense than a glaze (although still non damaging) or it can be colored. A colored gloss is a good choice if you’re looking to liven up your color before it’s time to dye it again. L’Oréal makes a One Step Toning gloss that comes with enough for up to three treatments. It helps get brassiness out of my hair. I would suggest experimenting with both (not at the same time of course) as neither is too life changing but can help to give some life to your hair without damaging it.

  2. Ymmv BUT: if you know your shades EQ formula and ratios, you can probably order this online and diy. I say this as a former salon employee who knows the formula a friend/stylist designed for me, and I’ve been ordering it on amazon for 6 years now without issue. Obviously anything could happen – but it hasn’t happened to me.

    I tried translating my formula to a line available at Sally Beauty – same brand but consumer line – and it wasn’t quite right.

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