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Handcuffed they find a corpse – La Nota Roja

Handcuffed with cinnamon tape and with the coup de grace, the body of a man was found on the side of a dirt road of the Arenal Expansion Colony of this municipality.

Those in charge of the investigations presume that the crime is due to revenge committed by people linked to organized crime that operates in this municipality; however, it will be the progress of the investigations that will determine the real reasons why he was executed with the coup de grâce.

Police from the security cabinet of the Government of the State of Mexico are looking for evidence to identify the now deceased, in order to know if it is a victim of kidnapping and if it is someone who is related to a criminal group.

It was this Monday morning when residents of Colonia Ampliación Arenal discovered the face-down body of a man on the side of Independencia Street, whose feet were tied with cinnamon tape and he only had on a black tennis shoe.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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