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He announced it on Instagram! Young man jumps off a bridge in Nuevo León

The young man identified as Luis lost his life after jumping from the Cable-stayed bridge in the municipality of San Pedro Garza, Nuevo León yesterday.

At 22 years old, the boy was recently graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and according to local media, he indicated that he had family problems and that would be the alleged reason for attempting on his life.

Luis arrived at the cable-stayed bridge and sat down with his back to the void. Rescuers attended the scene who tried to dissuade him and offer him support, however, it transpired that the boy had been sending messages and refused help.

After what happened, some people noticed that on the young man’s Instagram profile it was written “26/September/2022 3:33”, apparently Luis had already announced the day and date on which he planned to commit suicide, it is not known how long ago the message was there.

It has not transpired if the deceased today gave more signs about his plan. The rescuers talked with him for around half an hour but from one moment to the next he jumped.

Although Luis survived the fall and was rushed to the University Hospital, the impact was such that he died hours later.

If you are experiencing depression or have suicidal thoughts, the Life Line is available where you can receive emotional support or guidance by calling 800 911 2000 or it is possible to consult the coronavirus website at you will find information on mental health and other hotlines.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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