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He reverses and runs over a granny in Tlalpan

A driver hit to one elderly woman in the mayor’s office Tlalpan. the motorist fled after the fact.

The terrible event occurred at 7:43 p.m. on October 13 on the street Reformin the colony San Andres Totoltepecof the Tlalpan mayor’s office, Mexico City.

The security camera, located on the street, captured the moment when the motorist backed up at considerable speed and recklessly.

However, a grandmother who was crossing the avenue was affected by the driver as he ran over her leaving her on the ground.

The elderly woman threw away her things that she was carrying in her bags.

Seeing what happened, the driver of the white car fled, leaving the woman lying on the asphalt.

The witnesses who were walking around the place helped the older woman to get up, which happened. People helped Granny to walk down the sidewalk.

Until now, the authorities of the mayor’s office and the capital have not commented on the matter, the motorist is still free.

It transpired that the elderly woman was deaf and dumb, but this has not been confirmed.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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