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Hitmen threaten the Searching Mothers of Tamaulipas to stop working in La Bartolina, ask the Gulf Cartel for permission – .

The Threats from organized crime and the fear they generate caused searcher mothers from Tamaulipas to abandon the search for their disappeared on the La Bartolina property.where they had been working for about a year.

This happened after Gunmen tried to deprive two federal agents of their liberty.

Delia Quiroa Flores, representative of the Union of Seeking Mothers Collectives in Tamaulipas, reported through a statement that on the afternoon of September 18 they arrived two vans manned by armed and hooded men to the Ritz hotel in Matamoros.

He explained that the criminals descended from the units and then went to the staff of the Attorney General of the Republic who were, who had collaborated in the work in “The Bartholin”.

The men attempted to deprive the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry and his Ministerial Official in charge. The latter was beaten, while the hotel staff made it to safety.

“We no longer want searchers or authorities in the Huizachalwe already gave them a lot of time”, shouted one of the criminals, according to the statement.

Faced with this situation, the aforementioned search group made the difficult decision to abandon the remains processing work at the “La Bartolina” price, located in the ejido “The Huizachal“, in Matamoros.

We remind the Gulf Cartel that the peace truce that was requested of them last year was for an indefinite period of time.since, in this property, we calculate there are more than 1,500 people reduced to charred bone fragments and the work of the experts must be very thorough”.

Delia Quiroa, who is looking for her brother Roberto, explained that in a year of searching they located 220 victims, who were found on this property between 2008 and 2016.

“For this reason, we once again invite the leader of the Gulf Cartel to allow us to continue carrying out these procedures for the processing of bone remains and for the families of these victims to know the fate or whereabouts of their disappeared persons.”

Similarly, Delia Quiroa published a video on her official Facebook account where she explains that Karla Quintana Osuna, head of the National Search Commission, Karla Quintana, promised to provide them with protection, while SEDENA they have been denied.

“Despite the fact that our President proclaims peace and the armed forces will be an instrument to provide security and respect for the lives of all human beings in Mexico, these events on Sunday show the opposite.” We recommend you read: “This threat of death does not allow us to continue in the Bartolina in the processing of bone remains”, he reiterated.

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