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How can I draw attention away from my black eye?

I \[22M\] got [this black eye]( a little over 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t healed as fast as I hoped it would have. When I first got it, I was able to deal with all the stares and questions I got everywhere I went because I expected it to draw some attention. Recently, however, I’ve gotten much more self-conscious about it and have come to realize just how often people are staring at it in public. I still get at least half a dozen questions about it every single day and I’m already a somewhat shy person.

I figure I’m probably going to have this black eye for at least another couple of days, so what are some ways that I can best draw attention away from my shiner? I’m not sure makeup is the best option because I’ve never used it before and I’m worried I would mess it up. Are there maybe some clothes or something I can wear that would draw people’s attention away from my eye? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.

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  1. Put an eye patch over it and look badass

    Seriously though there’s not much you can do. Concealer won’t be able to hide it and it will look messy if you’re able to cover it all. It’s not permanent remember, so just be patient and it’ll eventually go away

  2. I’d see the doctor to ensure it’s healing properly – should change colours as it heals.

    I’d wear an eye patch as mentioned bc makeup will make it look obvious and the other clothes I wouldn’t bother with bc that’s still attention to you, when they ask about your socks, they’ll look at your face for an answer and you’ll feel that you’ll then have to explain double – socks and shiner.

    I’d ppl ask about your eye, just tell them it’s a personal matter, or tell them you got elbowed playing sports or say its not their business.

  3. Sunglasses. It’s what Danny LaRusso does in Karate Kid.

    Covering injuries with make up is likely to just irritate the eye and slow the healing process. Even if you could cover it up it will look cakey and your eye looks swollen so you’d still look odd.

  4. If anyone asks just respond with “you should see the other guy” but honestly I don’t think makeup will cover this, hopefully you only have a couple more days before it heals up

  5. I’d absolutely recommend you skip the makeup and go for healing products instead. Heal your skin & soft tissue, instead of aggravating it further with makeup. I recommend Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment, All Good Goop, or any unscented gentle healing salve. Also I recommend wearing an eye patch because it will help with the stares a little.

  6. Aside from arnica cream, take arnica tablets, vitamin k, bromelian, vitamin c and zinc.

    You could also do red light therapy if it’s in your budget. Until then sunglasses!

  7. I would have fun with it and start making up stories of how you got it every time you are asked about it. Have some fun with it and embrace it. Like you fought ninjas or are a part of the Avengers lol

  8. Either an eye patch or some makeup

    You could use some concealer + loose setting powder + setting spray to cover it up (you would only make it lighter)

    Or just deal with it for some more days and forget about it

  9. I know you said no makeup, but it’s the only solution.

    Get a Concealer of an opposing color, something with a yellow or greenish tint, apply liberally. Then use transparent powder to set, then grab a concealer that matches your skin tone over that blend real well on edges and maybe apply a bit of concealer to the other eye, just so it looks even. Set again with powder. Get Dermablend, it’s made to cover tattoos, it’ll work on your eye. You can get it at Macys, Dillard’s, Ulta and Amazon. It’s expensive, but worth it!!

  10. If you resort back to makeup, I’d recommend an orange color corrector. It should neutralize the purple and lighten the area up a bit.

    I hope you heal better soon!

  11. Witch hazel on it regularly will do wonders.

    We use that in neurosurgery when people have black eyes. It takes down the swelling really well and provides some relief.

  12. Makeup will likely not cover it. But if you really, really want to try- I suggest color correction and concealing. Find a yellow-orange color corrector (complimentary color to purple) and just tap it on the purple area. Don’t go too crazy with putting too much product on. Blend it out with a damp beauty sponge. Then, use a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone under both eyes. Again, not too much and blend with the sponge. Then put a very light layer of powder under both eyes.

  13. when i had my shiner i just wore really big gaudy sunglasses all the time because at least they’re staring at me for ugly sunglasses and not looking at me like some broken bird.

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