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How I can get as sexy as possible in two weeks?

Hey beautiful thanks for reading! 35F here and I am really going through it right now. Relationship, Work, and Health troubles! But in 2 weeks I am going to a concert! I have been looking forward to it for months but the past few months I have been over-eating junk food and put on 15 lbs and just feel like I look like crap! I have 2 weeks to get it together ladies! I kept telling myself for months and weeks get it together! You are looking forward to this concert and you are going to ruin it because you put on 15 lbs and keep eating junk food and sitting around! Now it is in 2 weeks so I need to ramp up! PLEASE tell me what can I do to make the absolute most of the next 2 weeks so I can look hot af and be a smoke show at this concert!!!!! I really need this!

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I don’t have amazing weight loss tips (which may be what you’re after?) and don’t know if that is your best bet for feeling gorgeous. But here’s a list of stuff you could try:

    – daily at-home YouTube yoga. (I like the Yoga by Kassandra; you may have a different preference.) Get in some exercise, feel like you’re doing something, do something good for yourself (recovery from “going through it”, low-intensity for the health stuff you’re going through), low/no cost (though you might want to pick up a mat if you don’t have one).
    – starting a couch to 5k exercise program (there’re free playlists you can download for this) is another option if you want free and more high intensity exercise.
    – get your eyebrows done professionally. Single best quick impactful thing to rapidly improve facial beauty flatteringly, in my opinion/experience.
    – consider refreshing your hair colour
    – teach yourself a new hair styling technique, or give yourself a great blowout or do something you know will/has looked great.
    – try some new makeup techniques. Either from a YouTube tutorial, or book yourself a makeup session at a local ulta/Sephora or something. Pick yourself a pick-me-up product or two that you like in the process.
    – Confidence is what’s going to carry you through and make you carry yourself the most attractively, giving you that sparkling aura that people want to be around.

    What you do is up to you! Whether you want to take on a sustainable change-up to your routine or want to push through for a shorter burst. But, just do something! You’ve got this.

  2. Maybe try to find a new outfit or style that makes you feel good in your body and that will also flatter you a few pounds different as well. A new haircut/color/style and some new makeup can also change your entire look and confidence.

    Also, drink lots and lots of water. Add lemon or cucumber if you need extra motivation to drink it. It will make you drop some water weight and can help your skin glow.

    For clothes that will make you pop:
    [Vixen by Micheline Pitt](

  3. It’s only two weeks away this sounds bad but just starve it can be a diet eat only small quantities of healthy food until then after you Can resume eating like normal you know what you’ve been doing it’s okay it can be hard to not eat the junk food but you can do it two weeks only you got this

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