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How to best manage long hair after years of short hair?

Hello all! I’m a 24F and have had short/shoulder-length hair my entire life. My hair has always been on the thinner side due to severe anxiety and depression that caused hair loss, so I was never able to grow it past my shoulder. I also had severe dandruff which I finally got taken care of by a dermatologist last year, so my scalp is finally clean.

Ever since I got on antidepressants in early 2021 my hair has been so much healthier and is the longest it’s ever been! It’s half-way down my back now and thicker than ever. For context, I have black, straight/wavy hair. I love my hair but am realizing how much more work long hair is – it gets everywhere, requires more products, takes longer to wash/dry, and generally requires so much more TLC than I’m used to. Before I’d always leave my hair down but now I definitely have to tie it up if I want to get anything done, which typically causes tension headaches

So, does anyone have any general tips when it comes to managing long hair? Any hairstyle / product / tools recommendations? Also, how often do you recommend getting trims? I definitely want to embark on a long hair journey and this sub has inspired me so much!!

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  1. Long hair is more easy to upkeep than shorter hair imo.

    Trims depends on what kind of hairstyle you have and how you wear your hair. I think minimum is 2 at least a year.

    As the hair grows long the tips can look bad so the best is to try to hydrate them as much as possible with a mask conditioners and oils. That depends on your budget but I think now there are good options for any budget.

    Also a heat protection oil if you use hairdryer. For that I recommend the olaplex one.

    Also if your tips are broken give up and go get a cut. There is no way to getting them healthy again.

    The best hairstyle for sure are braids. They dont hurt the hair and they protect it. Maybe try if you dont get headaches with them.

  2. I have mid bum length slightly wavy fine naturally blonde hair. I Only use shampoo and conditioner (rarely a serum) i brush them with one of those plastic detailing brushes,.blow dry them on medium heat if needed. Most of the time i just leave them them alone, i can’t wear them up due to very sensitive scalp, it causes me migraines. I only put them in a very loose low ponytail when working. People tend to overdo their routines, as long as you don’t create damage to your hair, you don’t need 10 products and gimmicky tools. Just be careful with them. Get a trim whenever you notice that ends aren’t looking crisp anymore (for me it’s once every 2-3 months. I cut off about one inch, i do my own trims)

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