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How to politely cancel my regular nail appointments?

I’ve been going to the same salon for gel nails for about 4 years now and subsequently have become friendly with everyone who works there, especially the owner and also my nail tech. We had a change of circumstances in household income about 6 months ago and I’ve been thinking I need to try and limit some of my unneccessary spending, especially going into the latter half of the year.

The problem is I pre-book all my appointments and I am actually booked in until the end of 2022 for my nails. I feel so rude asking to cancel them since they are all in the system and have been for the entire year. I just don’t know how to bring it up that I want to stop going. I will still use the salon for other, less regular services, so I don’t want to fall out with anybody. I’m a business owner too so I understand when clients need to stop using services for various reasons, but I am finding it so hard to actually say anything and don’t want to offend as their services are top notch.

Do I mention it at the start of my next appointment (tomorrow), during, or at the end? I think I have to be honest and say it is to save money, which I find embarrassing, and any other reason would be a lie. I am not really really struggling financially right now, I just want to end my appointments before I am so I can save a little bit of cash in advance. I am sure I am overthinking this! Any advice would be great.

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  1. The nice thing is that you’re letting them know well in advance so they can book someone else in. It’s definitely hard because you’ve developed a personal relationship with them, but they’ll understand. You can just say you’re scaling back on expenses but you’ll still be their client.

  2. Don’t be embarrassed about needing to save money. I think a lot of people are in the same position right now (myself included). Everyone else has given great advice. The salon will understand.

  3. Just say that you have to cancel the future appointments. If you want for your sake (but you dont have to) you can tell you have been more than happy about the services and how your nails has been, and might come back in future but for now you have to take break.

    Life situations changes and so does things that you want or can do.

  4. I’d say a simple, “I hate to have to do this, but our circumstances are changing and I am going to need to cancel all future appointments. You all have been so awesome and I’ll definitely continue to recommend you to all my friends.”

  5. They are nail techs. They are not rich either. Your early cancellations open the spots to be filled by others in plenty of time. You can just say your circumstances changed and you need to cancel but have been very happy with them and will recommend them to others and return for special occasions when you can.

  6. If they are the type of salon to book out til the end of the year, I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding another customer to take your spot. Life happens so don’t sweat it.

  7. Honesty is the best policy! “My circumstances have changed and I will need to cancel my existing appointments please” and then you can follow up with I’ll definitely be back should things change! Boom you’re on your way to saving the money and they’re not left wondering

  8. I’m a tattoo artist and people do this all the time to me. As long as you give notice it should not be a problem and everyone understands. Also remember you’re not the only client so don’t worry about it.

  9. I groom dogs. Many of my clients have standing appointments for the year. I’ve had some here and there let me know they needed to cancel some. It’s completely understandable. As long as you don’t do it last minute, they will likely be totally understanding.

  10. First of all, I don’t think you should feel bad about it – inflation is crazy right now and a lot of people need to scale back. Your technician will understand that. If I were you, at the end of the visit I’d just let them know. But really you have no reason to be embarrassed I’m sure everybody that works at the salon has the scale their expenses back in someway too, as most of us do right now

  11. You are a kind and courteous person. ❤ They don’t care as much as you think they do, and your spot will be filled quickly so don’t feel bad.
    They will still ask how your family is doing when you return. It will feel personal, but it’s not.

  12. I don’t think you should be embarrassed for trying to save money at all. But I don’t think you also need to share with everyone the reason. You can just cancel by saying that you love their nail work but in the next months you will go nail polish free or that you will not have the time to go.

  13. Do you get notification emails of your appointments? If they are using such software there should be a way to cancel appointments without having a conversation

  14. As you go to pay, speak with the front desk person and say, “Hey, I’m prebooked for the rest of the year, but I need to cancel every other appointment. Is it okay if I call you later to get that done over the phone?”

    If the nail tech says anything, you go, “Aww, yeah, I love getting my nails done, and you always do such a beautiful job, but I need to scale back on how often I get them done.”

  15. Mention it at the end of next appointment and ask to have email confirmation it’s cancelled (because mistakes happen).

    Don’t feel too bad about it, it’s really not your fault and you can’t change things. They should understand.

    Had to do the same recently because I can’t afford everything with inflation and my rent going up.

  16. They won’t care. This is common. Just say that you need to cancel the rest of your future appointments, due to budget cuts. This way, they know it’s not anything personal and they can fill your slots.

  17. If you want to avoid confrontation, just tell them you’re going on vacation or moving and tell them you want to cancel and you can say you will get back to them once you figure out your situation

  18. Just be honest & tell them it’s due to finances. We have all been there and they will understand.
    Maybe could cancel like every 2nd or 3rd appointment so you could treat yourself but still be a client ?

  19. Mention it at the end of the appointment. Tell them how much you’ve loved getting your nails done there. Explain that you need to cancel your future appointments (you don’t need to say why). Finish up by promising to recommend them to anyone looking for a nail salon.

  20. Think of it this way…have you ever broken a nail or needed something done right away? You just opened up a time slot for clients in crisis!
    TBH, I think they will have no problem filling the appointment time.
    Also, ask for a few business cards to show your sincerity when you say you will refer others to the sale n

  21. as you are friendly with the people their, i hope you can tell them openly the reason behind it, there is no holding back thinking what will other people think, atleast at the end all you have is you. so if you really wanna save something its better you open up to them.

  22. Just tell them the truth! I had to do this at 2 different places this summer, and both owners were so awesome and gave me ideas on how to save money on services, and stretch length between appointments. If they want to keep your business in any capacity, they will help you. They’d rather you tell them now than be counting on service appointments cancelled last minute. Good luck!

  23. I wouldn’t worry about anything but any immediate appts where the salon has a more limited time frame to book clients in your spot. They’ll appreciate the head’s up!

  24. i think if you’ll find it a bit embarrassing to basically say it’s not affordable to you anymore my way of doing it is just going ‘my work position now requires i can’t have my nails done, please let someone who wants my appointments have them and i’ll still be using you for my other services’

  25. Call them up or walk in and explain the circumstances. I’m sure they will be understanding. It’s not like you are stopping all services. It’s a change of life events.

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