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Husband does physical labor but has long thin hair, and a widows peak

Wasn’t sure where else to go with this since I couldn’t find a hair devoted sub lol.

So my husband has long, fine, straight hair and a pretty strong widows peak. He’s got a small side shave/undercut since he gets super curly baby hairs that only grow a few inches, all the way around from his ears to the back of his neck. The simplest method of dealing with them and keeping him from looking like Einstein with a ponytail was to give him an undercut/side shave.

He’s been putting his hair in a ponytail every day for a few years now. Unfortunately not only is his hair still getting tangled during the day, since it’s so long now, it’s also causing him to thin out even more in the front. I’ve been trying to figure out a good hairstyle and have been researching for ages, but all of the hairstyles I find either show men with a lot of hair, small widows peaks, or they’re loose/in the face which he can’t have at work.

Open to any and all suggestions!! He wants to keep his hair long but we want it to be healthy. He doesn’t care for the “man bun” but is ok with me trying different styles on him to see if he likes them. Preferably simple enough he can learn to do them himself or I can do his hair a couple times a week and it will last. He’s ok with product too, and braids.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I would suggest maybe changing up hairstyles like braids one day, a bun the next,ponytail. What about a headband, Bandana, or cap. If he wants to regrow his hair rosemary oil/water rinse are good for that. Maybe some leave in conditioner.

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