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I have hyperpigmentation and slight tear troughs. I need help with some recommendations for my sensitive skin.

I’ve had good skin pretty much all my life but ever since lost my father earlier this year, my skin has been comparatively worse. I have slight tear troughs (likely caused by bad sleep, lack of hydration, stress, etc).

And I also have some hyperpigmentation in the forehead. I’ve tried some products before ([\_yo\_dt\_b\_search\_asin\_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1]( which worked. It brightened by skin a bit but it eventually caused me to break out. I did use this very often tho.

So I need something that’s good on my skin. And I’m sooo overwhelmed. There’s HA, glycolic acid, Alpha Arbutin, mandelic acid. Like wow. I just need some guidance here. I know a lot of all this is trial and error and I’m willing to do that but I’m kind of clueless at this point. (I’m 28M and I never had/needed a skin care routine)

I also got a pimple between my eyebrows and I have a light brown spot and it’s really annoying. How do I get rid of that?

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  2. I’m really sorry for your loss. Skin care is part of self care and it may really help with creating a routine just to take time for yourself. It doesn’t need to be long time but sometimes you may find it enjoyable.

    My recommendations are:

    1. Cleansing foam/milk/gel in the evening – whatever you enjoy. You may choose something with acids it you like because they are not so strong in wash off forms.

    2. Serum and/or cream with something from following ingredients:

    * **Azelaic acid** – very good ingredient for sensitive skin. Helps to calm down inflammation, helps with hyperpigmentation and fights with acne bacteria. I recommend 10%-20%. It is often precribed for rosacea so definetely suitable for most sensitive skins.

    * **Niacinamide** – regulates oily skin, helps with redness and dark spots, is antioxidant. Around 5% is good enough.

    * **Thiamidol** – Eucerin’s patented ingredient for hyperpigmentation. They have all kinds of products with that. It seems to be very promising.

    (* Salicylic acid (up to 2%) may be irritating but it’s worth a try wash-off cleansers or to put it on just on inflammatory areas if you have some pimples. )

    * **For eyes** you may try some stronger anti-aging/refreshing eye cream with ingredients like horse chestnut extract, caffeine, niacinamide, retinol, peptides etc. (Usually retinol in eye creams is formulated more gently but still, be careful).

    3. In the morning if you feel oily then you may wash your face but it’s not essential. What you defenitely should use is **broad spectrum sunscreen** (SPF30/SPF50) because UVA/UVB makes your hyperpigmentation much worse (and even more so if using strong actives or acids especially glycolic acid) Even if using only sunscreen it may help a lot. They have a lot of anti-pigmentation sunscreens also (i.e these Eucerin’s thiamidol ones).

    For all the skin it is best to eat well (lot of fresh and green), drink enough water, get sleep, have a routine in your days, regulate stress levels (all about but also moving/sport).

    That all said I still recommend to go to **dermatologist** who takes a look of your situation and makes clear that you don’t have any other issues. (I also recommend to show your birthmarks every once in a while just for regular check up).

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