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I (m27) can’t look at her (f26) without feeling sick

We are together 3 years Now I’m going to start this off with I did a bad thing and looked at her Snapchat. Found out she sent a coworker the same topless nudes she had sent me months ago. I confronted her and she said she was only showing off her old hair. I’m not sure I believe that. In some of the pics her long hair does hide everything but it is still obvious that she is topless. In other pics you clearly see full breast. She is playing the victim since I broke her trust by looking through her phone without permission and she swears she didn’t know her breasts were visible. The biggest reason I don’t believe this is that she is not a person who takes risqué pictures very often. So she should know that these were risqué pictures. The rest of the conversation was auto deleted as per usual snapchat, so there’s no way to prove her side. What hurts the most is she refuses to see how much this has hurt me and instead just wants to focus on making me feel even worse for breaking her trust.

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  1. Ah, the old “how dare you get mad about my obvious cheating because you found out about it by snooping!” gambit.

    She sent a coworker nudes, and if she isn’t instantly falling all over herself in an attempt to make things right, then she has almost certainly said and done more, and is not planning on stopping.

  2. The fact she takes no responsibility, lies to you, and tries to turn you into the villain proves there is absolutely no way past this. She cheated on you and does not regret it. Don’t let yourself be manipulated and leave her now please, she does not have your best interest at heart.

  3. Breh, are you listening to yourself? Go back and read all of your post history. If you can’t realise that you are not being treated properly and this girl is cheating on you and that you need to burn tyre tracks and then the whole ass bridge.. then you deserve everything that’s coming to you. You aren’t married or have kids, you have the golden ticket that a lot of people do not. If you stay, you become a doormat and that’s on you.

  4. Nope. She’s lying and playing the victim because she got caught and thinks if she uses the “you went through my phone” argument that you can’t be mad at her for doing something bad, too. There is no way she didn’t know her breasts were showing. And I’m sure there were plenty of fully clothed pictures that showed her “old hair.” You went through her phone because you had your suspicions she was up to something. You found the evidence she wasn’t (and still isn’t) going to admit to so she’s mad.

  5. She got cheating, so she’s trying to deflect and make you the villain. Stand your ground. In fact, you need to walk away since your GF doesn’t want to take responsibility.

  6. Shes gaslighting you to make you feel like the unreasonable one, making you question the reality of the situation. Shes absolutely in the wrong here 1000 times more than you. The trust has been broken and you shouldn’t tolerate this.

  7. Your crime of looking through the phone are naturally absolved since you actually found something.

    Her cheating supercedes any lack of trust on your part. Remember she gave you the reason to not trust her hence why you looked.

    You shouldn’t feel bad. What you should be doing is packing a bag because your relationship is toast.

  8. In a relationship phones should be fair game, it shouldn’t be a big deal. She is playing victim and gaslighting you, (as a woman) she knows what buttons to get you to feel bad but you have every right to feel the way you do. RUN….LEAVE… she does not respect you, it is not worth it.

  9. She’s sending topless pics to coworkers, you’re going through her phone…

    Relationship is done, friend. Break it off clean and heal up so you can move on. There is nothing left here.

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  11. …I find it really hard to believe a single woman in the world ‘forgets’ their boobs are out. I mean, do you *know* how much hassle we get over those things (Can see the bra! No bra! Too big! Too small! No nipples on the socmed! Breastfeeding in public, the *horror*! Etc, etc)?

    Sounds to me like your gf picked a really really stupid lie and decided to stick with it. Does she usually make really dumb choices? Or do you usually forgive her for stuff when she makes barely any effort?

    She’s ‘refusing’ to see how much she hurt you, because then she might have to deal with the idea she’s rubbish. I think you probs deserve better.

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