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I Traveled the World to Learn this

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The world is an interesting place to say the least, at least I’ve always thought so. There’s different cultures, places, people, ways of life, it’s so diverse. We dream, hope, desire, love and so much more. I started traveling around 4 years ago which meant chasing my dreams. What you see in this video is only a fraction of what I experienced during those years. My dream is to inspire others to do the same, to embrace humanity as a whole and all it’s differences and to share my thoughts and lessons from the world in a creative manner. What I noticed when traveling is that you are what you experience. Traveling accelerates your experiences whether it’s through people, lessons, heartbreak, mistakes, opinions, inspiration or anything else. Anyone and anything will change you when traveling if you’re able to reflect on yourself and your experiences.

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Intro: 00:00
The Travels: 00:37
What I’ve learned: 01:23
Cinematic Outro: 02:05

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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