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I’m dating a man just made me a hot pack out of his brand new designer socks to help my period cramps. How do I return the favor?

So, I started dating again after two horrible toxic relationships. I’m staying the weekend with this guy I started dating, and I unexpectedly got my period. I get HORRIBLE cramps and I felt like I was dying. Well this guy grabs a pair of his brand new designer socks (he has a thing for brand-name clothes with quality) and he made me a hot pack with rice. I feel so much better.
How do I repay this kindness? This is one of the best thing anyone has ever done for me. He helped to take away my unberable physical pain. How do I even being to repay this?
Idk maybe I’m just hormonal, but finding some kind relief from this horrible pain is priceless to me.

Edit: I set up a mini spa for us and I’m going to put a sheet mask on his face and give him a hot oil massage. He’s a sucker for personal care and he will LOVE this. It should also help me feel better too! Thanks for all your suggestions!

Just a tip for all you couples out there.. BUY A MASSAGE OIL CANDLE! That thing has improved my relationship so much. It encourages you to participate in a mutually beneficial and relaxing activity. It also promotes calm conversation about a lot of issues. It’s easier to have a discussion with your partner when you’re sitting on his back in your underwear rubbing hot oil on him, and Vice versa. Just a tip.

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  1. Buy him a new pair of socks?

    Give him a massage.

    Relationship don’t need to be an equal back and forth. Just accept the nice thing he did, and when the time is right you’ll be able to help him in a similar capacity

  2. Gonna echo a lot of people in this. There is no single thing you do to repay him. You don’t “owe him” because he was kind to you. You absolutely deserve to have nice things done for you, and most good relationships don’t keep score.

    But if it helps, one day when he is stressed writing an email or checking something for work, you’re gonna walk up and, if he would enjoy it, give hime head scratches and say “you got this”. Cause my wife did that for me when we started dating, and I felt so amazingly supported by that.

  3. I was with a guy who did wonderful things like this, and you should just let him know how much you appreciate it and then do sweet and helpful things for him when he’s down. I’m sure seeing how much it helped you, was payment enough for him! My boyfriend didn’t have a car when I first started seeing him and I was cramping bad, so he ubered to my house with a sock filled with rice to help me and then the first time he was sick, I dropped off a care package for him. Relationships are all about taking care of each other and it doesn’t always have to be 50/50. Sometimes it’s 80/20

  4. I’m way late but the personal spa idea sounds really nice! Just don’t make it a habit to do things 1:1. Make it a habit to do things whenever it crosses your mind instead! Don’t make it feel transactional. He sounds like a keeper!

  5. That was very sweet of them but it’s not a grand romantic gesture. No need to go out of your way trying to repay his kindness. This is a “buy him a cup of coffee” type of thing.

    The person is a keeper though.

  6. Yo yo yo yo yo yo, I got this! If he made you one of those then make him one of those!!! Ima freak for those things! If he doesn’t use one already then he will, if he already has one and uses it on the reg then he probably needs a new one. Buy socks that are his favorite color or favorite sports team or whatevs and HOOK IT UP!!! Especially if you guys have cold winters where u live then those things r literally life changers. They’re called “bed buddies” BTW, they’re the shit!

  7. Rice bag/sock changed my life. I’ve made one for every friend/partner—past and present. You can even up it a notch by filling a hand towel with rice and tightly sewing the edges. My two cents on your query is to acknowledge his intrinsic thoughtfulness and don’t take it for granted. I absolutely empathize with the need to return the good deed post haste. However, in my experience, fostering a tit for tat type companionship almost always ends up with the both of you smelling of unnecessary stress and burbling resentments. If you were inclined, you could connect with him regularly by pampering his bougie feet (soak and rub, learn foot reflexology, pedicure if he’s ‘bout it and you’re confident and willing). Be sweet. Be attentive to him, his patterns, likes and dislikes, stressors, etc. Then you’ll know what small acts of consideration would demonstrate your appreciation of his good nature. You have a fine fella. Enjoy the positive addition to your life and strive to reciprocate meaningfully and not out of a sense of urgent obligation. Just be your deserving self and be real good at it. Cheers to life handing you a classy man as warm and comforting as a microwaved leisure sock full of rice.

  8. “It’s easier to have a discussion with your partner when your sitting on his back in your underwear rubbing hot oil on him and Vice versa.”

    Idk why but that made me laugh really really hard, I don’t think I could even talk if my partner did that lmao.

  9. That was so sweet. Do something special for him when you are feeling better – to show him that he is appreciated. Bake him something, spoil him at home one evening, buy him another pair of really fancy socks…whatever.

  10. Tell him you love him and you want to get married as soon as possible and make sure he gives you keys to his place and passwords to all his email and social media accounts. Also let him know that if you can’t have him nobody can.

    Or just say thank you.

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