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Images of barbarism El Marro and the CSRL are the authors of another massacre in Guanajuato now in the Lexus Bar in Apaseo el Alto – .

I walk the Alto, Guanajuato.- At least nine people died and two more were seriously injured after registering a new massacre in a bar; a armed commando massacred customers and bar workers with bulletslexus“, in I walk the Alto.

The Poster of Santa Rosa de Lima it is again the author of another massacre in Guanajuato ordered by El Marro who is worse than a cheated woman, He continues to claim that Zermeño betrayed himwhere he asks the topon to come out but not even they go out to the topon, in the place of the massacre They left two Narcomessages claiming Zermeño again.

After the events, families of the victims arrived at the scene and tried to enter the business to hug their loved ones, but police and military They were barred from entering to preserve the crime scene.

Graphic content on our Telegram channel:

It was at 9:20 at night when 911 received numerous calls requesting the help of the Police and ambulances, because an armed attack had occurred in a bar located next to the Panamerican’s highwayat the height of the street March 18, near the main access of Apaseo el Alto.

Within a few minutes the area was filled with municipal officials, State Public Security Forces (FSPE) Y National Guardwho immediately marked a wide cordon with yellow tape.


Ambulances from different corporations also arrived and checked several people, including an elderly man who was lying lifeless outside the bar with visible gunshots to the head.

Police sources indicated that within the business there were the lifeless bodies of a man and four women lying on the flooras well as two other women seriously injuredwho were rushed to the community hospital where the incident was later reported. death of one of them.


On the alternate path to the Federal highway 45 left two vehicles motor; a white Ford car that was parked outside the bar and had gunshot damage, and a black car that had crashed into the retaining barrier that separates the Pan-American highway from Querétaro.

Inside the dark car, the bodies of two more men were found.who allegedly They were passing by the place at the time of the attack and were hit by stray bullets.while another version points to they had tried to escape from the place but were caught by the Sicarios.


As long as the events occurred, neighbors and merchants surrounding the bar Lexus assured that it was a command of at least seven heavily armed men who arrived aboard two trucks and fired from the outside to then enter the property and commit the slaughter.

During the work of the experts, entire families arrived who wanted to enter the bar lexus because their relatives were there, but this was prevented by the authorities so that the scene would not be contaminated or altered.

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